Buddy BBQ – A whole new way to use Herth+Buss tools

24. Jun 2019 | Technology + Products

At long last – barbecue time is here again! And even though the weather doesn't always cooperate, we can't wait to get started. Around 95% of all Germans like to have a barbecue in summer, and almost 90% of them even have their own equipment. We at Herth+Buss are of course no exception. But this year we have come up with a new idea for our Buddy BBQ.

Our tools may well be a part of your everyday working life, but we are convinced you will never have tried out any of the 5 alternative uses presented here.

Hot, hotter, Heatgun

It's always the same: All the family and friends have gathered and the side dishes are ready and waiting, but the barbecue is taking its time. To feed the hungry crowd and heat up the charcoal as quickly as possible, try using our Heatgun (95920000). It will never let you down. You can set it to exactly the temperature you want between +50°C and +600°C to give the charcoal a nudge in the right direction. And you can use it to simply heat up the meat again if any late arrivals turn up to the barbecue.


What else can our Heatgun do?

  • De-ice steps, door locks, or boot lids for example
  • Solder connectors
  • Shrink-fit tubing
  • Bond adhesives
  • Weld thermoplastic polymer
  • Shape articles made of acrylic, for example

Please turn over!

The barbecue has heated up, the steak is sizzling and it's time for the first flip of the season. Something always gets forgotten when preparing for the workshop BBQ - and this year it was the grill tongs. But of course we have an answer to this problem! We recommend using our mounting wedge (95926000) to save the day. As a well-equipped mechanic you are bound to have one to hand in your toolbox and can joyfully proceed to doing the other side.


People have been barbecuing for more than 300,000 years
Fossil evidence of meat found at early hearths shows: Cooking over an open fire is one of the oldest forms of preparing food known to mankind. People were barbecuing more than 300,000 years ago!

Quelle: blog.giffits.de


And what about the sausages?

Talking of missing grill tongs…we can also offer a solution for all you sausage lovers as well. The Herth+Buss sausage tongs. Our brake shoe spring mounting tool (J9350000) keeps a firm grip on your sausages so there is no danger of losing the precious treat in transit. As you can see: The tool gives you a firm grip, not just on the outside of a spring cap.

"Cutting-edge" technology

Cable cutters - because anyone can use a knife and fork. If you take a look at our range you will find item number 95942322 – our multi-purpose cable cutter. This tool is not just ideal for cutting particularly thick cables. It's a great help for slicing up grilled sausages as well. No Buddy BBQ should be without one.


CAPTION: Watch out for your fingers!


The multimeter - a tool of many talents

As every good barbecuer knows, simply sticking a fork in the meat is not the way to test whether or not it is done. Just pressing the meat stops the juice coming out and it stays nice and moist. It should be firm and springy – that's obvious! But the temperature sensor of our multimeter (95980775) makes it even easier to establish how well done your steak is. You can use it to simply measure the temperature in the meat without losing the precious juice.

Added extra:

Do you want to have a really good laugh at the expense of your favourite barbecue buddy? Here's an idea for a little joke you could play!


Wind up a cable and serve it in a bread roll - your buddy won't realise what it is until it is too late!