Charge electric vehicles: quickly, safely, anywhere!

01. Aug 2018 | Technology + Products

Electromobility is a buzzword at the moment, even if the number of registrations aspired to by policymakers hasn’t (yet) been achieved. The media are constantly reporting on the latest developments. Manufacturers are also offering a growing number of such models, while vehicles with power sockets are an increasingly common sight on the road.

The NRGkick for electric vehicles

We at Herth+Buss have already been keeping a close eye on the development of electromobility for a long time. As such, we have been working flat-out to tailor our product range to the changing needs of drivers and workshops. The latest such products added to our range are the brand-new NRGkick charger cables for electric vehicles.

NRGkick charger cable, 95960101

Their USP: alongside the type 2 plug for connection to the vehicle socket on the infrastructure side, these mobile charging stations are equipped with a red CEE 32 A connection plug. This means that charging is considerably quicker with NRGkick in comparison to the charger cables which are often supplied with electric vehicles. These cables – which are often referred to as “emergency charger cables” – can usually only support up to 10 amperes in one phase (and therefore 2.3 kW). Depending on the available socket, NRGkick can charge with a maximum of 32 amperes across three phases. With the resultant 22 kW, this means almost ten times the power!

Save time with ease!

In practice, this means that a capable electric car (e.g. a Renault ZOE) with a capacity of 24 kWh will be almost fully charged within an hour when the NRGkick is used. With an emergency charger cable, this would take over ten (!) hours. Our new charger cables therefore save time and offer previously unimaginable flexibility!

The 22 kW output corresponds to the performance of a bulky, stationary wall box (one connection option for charging modern electrical cars); a fact that makes the latter redundant. In addition, an NRGkick represents a portable alternative which is usually cheaper. A residual-current-protection mechanism for direct and alternating residual currents is already integrated into the NRGkick. In the case of many wall boxes, this needs to be bought as an optional extra, often at great expense (which sometimes goes into the hundreds). You might say that the wall box has migrated into the charger cable.

The fact that we also supply an adapter set with CEE 16 A plugs (red and blue) and with a safety contact as accessories makes it possible to charge at any conventional socket, whether 1- or 3-phase.

A variety of protective measures not only makes charging with an NRGkick absolutely safe – operating an NRGkick with the push of a button is child’s play, too. Compared to the variant without Bluetooth (article number 95960102), the charger cable with Bluetooth (article number 95960101) facilitates convenient control via smartphone. The app offers extended control options and displays measured data on the smartphone screen. This enables you to verify charging costs and CO2 savings.

Our summary of the innovative charger cables

NRGkick charger cables combine fast and safe charging at existing sockets. These are precisely the characteristics demanded by workshops and drivers of electric vehicles.

Product overview:

95960101 – charger cable, electric vehicle, NRGkick 32 A
95960102 – charger cable, electric vehicle, NRGkick 32 A light