LEDsInno – Step by step installation instruction

04. Dec 2018 | Technology + Products

Our smart lighting system for trailers

With LEDsInno, we offer a smart LED trailer lighting system comprising around 70 items. This system can be used in almost any application scenario. What makes LEDsInno “smart”?

An identifier integrated into every light communicates the function of each individual one to the system. This enables the system to be expanded as needed to include side marker lights, clearance lights and other lights. In other words, it’s child’s play to put together a complete trailer lighting system, and no specialist knowledge is required for installation. We show you just how easy it is to install the plug & play lighting system using the example of fitting the handy combination rearlight set (Article number: 83830001) for trailers with a gross weight of up to 0.75 t (vehicle class O1).


Step 1

The combination rearlight set (Article number: 83830001) comes in a set with two combination rearlights, including cables, and is compatible with almost all trailers that have a gross weight of up to 0.75 t.

Step 2

The main supply light features two connectors on the rear. One is for the power supply, while the other is provided for feeding in the second light.

Step 3

First of all, screw the bolts into the external threads on the lights. The practical T-slot mounting system allows the bolts to be variably repositioned along the length of the slot before the lights are fixed on the trailer at a later point.

Step 4

Now pull the main cable through the trailer hitch using one of the guides provided for this purpose.

Step 5

Route the cable along the underside of the trailer, keeping to the side where the main supply light is to be installed. Use cable clips to securely fasten the cable.

Step 6

Once you have routed the cable along the underside of the trailer, the main supply light can be mounted in the next step. To do so, connect the main cable and the cable for the infeed of the second combination rearlight to the main supply light. Guide the connected cables through the duct on the trailer, then fix the combination rearlight in place on the rear using the appropriate nuts.

Step 7

Connect the main cable to the main supply light, then connect the infeed cable of the main supply light to the other combination rearlight.

Step 8

With the trailer test case (Article number: 95980571), the function of the combination rearlights can be tested once installation is complete. The advantage of this arrangement is that the test case enables both the assignment of the towbar socket and the lighting function of the trailer to be tested by just one person.

Step 9

Cycle through the individual lighting functions using the trailer test case’s remote control. Alternatively, you can use a vehicle connected to the trailer for the same purpose.

Step 10

Once the correct function of the lighting has been verified and the cabling has been carefully installed, the trailer and its waterproof LEDsInno lighting system are ready for action!