The lighting product group in the spotlight

27. Feb 2019 | Technology + Products

As a Product Manager, I am responsible for the lighting product group at Herth+Buss. This comprises lights, headlights, worklights, warning lighting/markings and reflex reflectors. My remit is just as varied as the portfolio of lighting products itself – which is what I find so appealing!

A Product Manager’s remit

Among other things, my responsibilities include managing product groups in terms of the items, prices and suppliers. Quality, pricing and the right procurement source play a particularly major part here. In this context, the challenge is never to lose sight of the market and always to respond to customer requirements. This is why we Product Managers also collaborate so closely with Sales.

Furthermore, I am also jointly responsible for preparing and maintaining our lighting catalogue. Those who are still unfamiliar with the catalogue can download it here. In the catalogue, you can find vehicle-specific lighting, headlights, lamps, alarm equipment and much more besides.

All the necessary information appears alongside each of the illustrated items, e.g. the lighting function, the connection type, mounting type, restrictions with regard to the vehicle construction year, and many other criteria that are important for customers.

In the catalogue you will find vehicle-related lighting, headlights, lights, warning equipment and much more.

Technical expertise is a must-have!

As a qualified mechatronics technician, I’ve always been very interested in technology, an affinity which definitely comes in handy for my current job.

As a Product Manager, it’s crucial to constantly scour the market for innovative products so as to offer our customers the very best solutions. One prime example is our BDS-2 LED clearance light with an integrated reversing sensor, which provides the driver in the cab with a convenient visual warning signal instead of an indistinct acoustic one.

Wenn ihr mehr zur BDS-2 erfahren wollt, klickt hier!

The outstanding feature of this product is that the integrated reversing sensor responds very sensitively to obstacles from a range of 4.5 metres, thereby provided the driver with plenty of advance warning about obstacles.

This warning is initially provided by the clearance light flashing red, which changes to being permanently lit when the obstacle is immediately in front of the sensor. In this case, all drivers need to do is look in their outside mirror, which they would need to do in any case when manoeuvring.

It goes without saying that these features mean a huge increase in safety for drivers and their surroundings! The BDS-2 is very much a “stand-alone” system, i.e. one that doesn’t need to be connected to the driver’s cab. Instead, it simply needs to be connected at the reverse light. Not only does this make our system incredibly simple with regard to its installation and handling, but it also offers an enormous advantage over camera-based systems, which are very tricky to install and need to be connected to the driver’s cab, among other things.

It’s my job to offer customers helpful solutions from our product portfolio. You don’t need to keep reinventing the wheel if you take feedback from customers and the market on board!