New separating machine for Herth+Buss

06. Jun 2017 | Technology + Products

A few years back, we came up with the idea of replacing our separating machine for crimp connectors with an automatic machine.

To briefly explain, this machine is used to separate the individual crimp connectors from the band they are supplied on. This is absolutely imperative so that the crimp connectors can subsequently be packaged in small delivery units.

In the course of this process, we made an initial approach to the company KTK at the “productronica” in Munich. This is the world’s leading trade fair for developing and manufacturing electronics.

KTK has been developing and manufacturing crimping tools for various manufacturers and prefabricators of contact parts since 1999. Depending on requirements (as in our case), there is even the option of developing specialised tools and machinery.

Preparations and establishing our requirements for the new separating machine

In collaboration with Mr Böhrer (Elparts Product Management) and Ms Füll (Elparts Material Requirements Planner), the first task was to identify the crimp connectors affected by the separation process. After this, we provided KTK with several samples in order for them to conduct tests of the automatic separating machine.

On 24th November 2016, the responsible KTK technician paid us a visit. He explained the functions of the machine to us. He also demonstrated the associated punching tool, which had been custom-adapted to suit our specifications.

The custom-made separating machine for Herth+Buss finally arrives!

We took receipt of the automatic separating machine on 11th April 2017. This will now replace our old, manually operated punching machine.

Using the automatic separating machine will first and foremost remove the need for the physical exertion. That previously had to be applied by one of our employees to separate the connectors from the band (by activating the lever).

Efficiency and easier operation

When using our new machine, the operator’s only task is to clamp the spool with the contacts in place above the machine. Once all the contacts have been separated from the band, these are packaged in bags in the appropriate delivery unit by one of our employees. In the final step, these are entered into our main warehouse’s system as available stock.

We recently asked our colleagues from Building Management for a favour. We didn’t have any kind of base support to set the machine up. So they converted a workbench to give the machine a proper foothold. A drawer was then installed under the machine in which a box can be placed to catch the separated crimp connectors.

The new separating machine facilitates considerably more efficient and – most importantly – more modern operation.

Here is a video of the process how the separating machine works:


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