The Herth+Buss EPC app

27. Aug 2019 | Technology + Products

The Herth+Buss online catalogue is a popular tool for identifying and searching for items from our product range. This applies both to our colleagues in the sales office and to our customers in particular, who maintain and extend their product range using the online catalogue. Our EPC app (Electronic Parts Catalogue) is the companion for on the road. The app is the counterpart to our online catalogue optimised for mobile use and offers a number of benefits for part identification on the road or directly on the vehicle. The EPC app can be used on iOS devices and Android.

How do I use the EPC app?

The important thing is that you know what you’re looking for. To start with, you can choose one of four possible "catalogues" to limit the results accordingly. Throughout the article, we are always referring to search trees and catalogues. Just imagine this as a pot where all the data is collected. Our catalogue system is divided into four pots (passenger cars, commercial vehicles, vans and universal). This means that you can not search for all possible search terms in a search field, but offers enormous performance advantages. As we all know, time is money, and because we do not want to waste your time with long charging times, we are currently willing to accept this compromise.

Choosing one of the different search options is easy if you take a closer look. If you are looking for a part for a specific vehicle, select one of the relevant vehicle categories (passenger cars, commercial vehicles and vans) and you can then click through the vehicle tree using the manufacturer until you find the vehicle you are looking for.
It goes without saying that you will find the desired result quicker and easier if you have the KBA number (Germany) or a type allocation, for example. In this case, simply enter and confirm the relevant information in the search field for the selected vehicle search.
Once you have found the desired vehicle, you can display "All articles on the vehicle" or browse in a specific product group (e.g. lighting) in a targeted way.

If you already know exactly which part is required, the article search is the right choice. In addition to the Herth+Buss article number, it is also possible to search for and find names (used number) or OE numbers.

The premium universal part search

If you do not know the number, but you know the exact characteristics of the article you are looking for, you can use our premium universal part search. The only condition is: It must be a universal part, i.e. a part without a clear link to at least one vehicle.
Here, you can then further refine the result using the convenient filter function, which will usually find the relevant part in no time.

In the detailed view, you can then find detailed information on the technical specifications of the article you are looking for and use the image material to add another element to the part identification. You will also find all the necessary documents for the article you are looking for (operating and installation instructions, product flyers, parts lists and accessories).

All of this can be found in your smartphone or tablet, whether in the workshop or on the road. With the EPC app, you always have the option of finding the right part for you and finding relevant detailed information. Enjoy finding the parts!