Time to clear the air – Air quality sensors from the Elparts product range!

13. Sep 2017 | Technology + Products

The scene is all too familiar: you’re stuck in inner-city rush-hour traffic at the height of summer with a sweltering outside temperature of 32 °C. The A/C system is being pushed to its limits. A smoke-belching old banger is sitting right in front of you. Thanks to that, you’ll inhale a hefty amount of exhaust fumes through the ventilation system.
Modern cars offer many advantages, but you can’t make something out of nothing! In other words, sensitive electronics are behind every little convenience. Air quality sensors are installed as standard in vehicles with automatic climate control systems. They automatically close the A/C system’s mixing damper off to the ambient air as soon as an excessive amount of exhaust fumes from outside are drawn in.

But what exactly is the sensor responsible for?

The air quality sensor is a gas sensor which monitors concentrations of carbon monoxide.
If the substances being measured become increasingly deposited on the resistors installed in the sensor, the electrical resistance will change proportionately. The control unit regulates the supply of fresh air from outside in accordance with the values obtained. In doing so, it ensures that the interior air and exterior air are always in proportion and opens up again to take in fresh air if the interior air deteriorates. This ensures that the vehicle occupants always enjoy the very best air possible.

Air quality sensors Elparts Herth+Buss A/C system

The air quality sensor is placed at the air intake underneath the engine bonnet

If you also suspect that your A/C system is on the blink, you should enquire about the air quality sensors on your next workshop visit. It incidentally also has its own diagnostic trouble code. Your workshop specialist can read it out with the help of a diagnostic tester.

How we came up with our air quality sensors!

Air quality sensors are not generally included in the classic portfolio offered on the aftermarket. It was our customers who gave us the idea of supplying them!
The question “can’t you supply us with something like that?” spurred us on to go through our contacts and find out.
In doing so, we quickly found a top supplier for these sensors who not only boasts years of experience in this sector, but also has a base in Germany. They are therefore available at short notice and without fuss.
The project was kicked off and we now offer air quality sensors “off the shelf” under the number range 70604*.