✅ Convert trailer tail lights to LED [without control unit] 🔎✨

29. Sep 2021 | Videos EN

In this tutorial, the Workshop-Buddies show you how you can quickly and easily replace your trailer tail lights and convert them to LED tail lights with our combination rearlight set and without a separate control unit.
When installing LED tail lights, but also other lights, an additional control unit is usually required so that the vehicle recognizes the lights as such and no error messages occur. Such an installation is not only time-consuming and labor-intensive, but also expensive, because the control unit must be purchased separately. With our new LED tail lights, which are supplied as a tail light set, this step is now completely eliminated. After all, the included LED multifunctional lights already have an integrated control unit so that you save a lot of time, money and effort!
The combination rearlight set includes two LED tail lights and the corresponding wiring harness. In addition to the 7-meter-long main cable, this also has a 2-pin flat cable. This can be used to connect additional lights such as side marker lights or clearance lights.
Thanks to the plug & play system, installing the combination rearlight set is fairly easy and extremely quick. In addition, it can also be used to convert existing trailers from incandescent lamps to LED without any complications. First, the LED tail lights are attached to the trailer and screwed. Then the cables are connected to the tail lights using the 8-pin bayonet connectors. Finally, connect the 13-pin connector to the power source and route the cable under the trailer. This works best with cable ties like our Twist Tail®, because they can be easily tightened and effortlessly torn off by hand. There are no sharp edges and no risk of injury. If your trailer has a 7-pin socket, you still do not have to do without our LED taillights! Our rear light set can be used very easily with an adapter. You can find this in our online catalog linked to our combination rearlight set in the accessory list.
Our LED tail lights are tested according to protection class IP 67. This means that the tail lights are not only dust-tight, but also protected against short-term immersion. In addition, the tail lights meet the ECE R10 standard and thus have a high electromagnetic compatibility.

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