✅ CrankPrint – testing car battery, starter and alternator [fast and precisely] 🔎✨

29. Sep 2021 | Videos EN

In this tutorial, the Workshop-Buddies not only show you how you can check your car battery with our car battery tester CrankPrint, but also how to test your alternator and starter motor.
Our CrankPrint battery tester is suitable for every type of battery, from EFB and AGM to wet and start/stop batteries. The car battery tester uses precise conductance measurement technology to accurately and reliably check cold start performance or startability. It is also equipped with numerous practical functions. For example, a thermal printer is integrated in our battery tester so that you can attach the results directly to the customers’ order documents after testing the car battery. In addition, the device for testing car batteries has a reverse polarity protection, which protects both the device and the battery. You can also choose between five different menu languages for the battery tester. For perfect service, it is also possible to save specific information such as vehicle registration numbers, customer numbers or workshop addresses. Our car battery tester automatically saves the last 100 results. If required, these can even be printed out again.
Car battery testing with the CrankPrint is simple and fast. First, the cables are connected to the battery. After that, the car battery tester displays the voltage of the battery. Then, information about the battery has to be entered. Jens and Pete explain in the video what information is required. Once this is done, you will receive the results of the battery test.
After that, you have the option of having the starter tested. All you have to do is start the engine, which is confirmed with OK on the battery tester. The last option is to test the alternator. To test the alternator, keep the engine speed at 2,500 revolutions per minute for five seconds. That’s it!
With the CrankPrint battery tester, you can not only test installed car batteries, but also batteries that have been removed. The test procedure is exactly the same, but there is no option for testing the alternator or starter motor. The car battery tester is also suitable for testing defective batteries and it even detects the faulty battery cells.

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