✅ MagCode Power System – for optimum charge retention and power supply [with magnet] 🔎✨

29. Sep 2021 | Videos EN

In this tutorial our Workshop-Buddies Jens and Pete introduce you to the MagCode Power System and show you how you can easily charge external devices in the vehicle using the MagCode plugs and MagCode sockets. With the help of the MagCode system, it is also possible to charge the battery quickly and easily from the outside.
The MagCode magnetic connection system available in the Elparts range is for transmitting 12 V and 24 V currents. It is used when additional consumers or, for example, a battery charger, such as our Quicky 3A, are to be connected to the vehicle.
The MagCode plugs and MagCode sockets are equipped with magnets, which ensures a secure connection. The magnetic connection offers the advantage that the plug and socket can be easily disconnected from each other without being damaged. In addition, the current only really flows when the MagCode plug and MagCode socket are connected to each other and the magnets attract each other.
MagCode is available in two versions. The MagCode Power System Pro has a magnetic lock just like the MagCode Power System, but also has a locking mechanism. This ensures a robust connection. In addition, the MagCode system comes with two different voltages to cover different areas of application. Both the MagCode Power System and the MagCode Power System Pro are available in a version for 12 volts and 24 volts. To ensure that a 12 volt plug is not accidentally connected to a 24 volt socket, the magnets are installed in such a way that elements of different voltages repel each other. In the worst case, this protects terminal devices from irreparable damage.
MagCode is also suitable for outdoor applications. With an optional cover, sockets can be protected from dirt and damage. In addition, all MagCode articles are tested according to protection class 9K and are thus protected against water during high-pressure and steam jet cleaning.

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