✅ Processing solder and crimp connectors professionally [suitable tools and the right technique] 🔎✨

29. Sep 2021 | Videos EN

In this tutorial, the Workshop-Buddies explain the differences between various solder connectors and crimp connectors and show you which tools are best for working with them. They also explain which mistakes you should avoid.
Since there is a wide range of crimp connectors with different cross-sections, it is important to use the right crimping tool with the right insert. This is the only way to make really secure connections with crimp connectors. In the tutorial, the workshop buddies show you not only conventional crimp connectors but also those that are additionally shrunk after crimping. In the video, they explain which tools, apart from crimping pliers, are suitable for making connections.
In addition to crimp connectors, solder connectors are of course also suitable for making professional connections. Solder sleeve solder connectors, for example, make it very easy to create watertight connections. This works by inserting the previously stripped cables into the ends of the solder sleeve solder connector and then melting the solder ring and inner adhesive. Lighters are often used for this in workshops. However, this should be avoided as the solder connectors heat up too quickly and the plastic runs before the solder melts. Better suited are gas soldering torches, with which this problem does not occur. Jens and Pete show you how to use them with our solder sleeves!
The Sold er sleeve solder connectors are not rigid sleeves. This is a great advantage because the solder connectors always remain flexible. The cables connected with Sold er Sleeve are therefore ideal for laying along bends or on hinges.
So that you don’t get confused when ordering soldering and crimping connectors, the workshop buddies not only present our different delivery units, but also have a buddy tip ready!

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