✅ Professional and precise crimping of wire end ferrules [fast and uncomplicated] 🔎✨

09. Oct 2021 | Videos EN

In this tutorial we will show you how to crimp wire end ferrules professionally. After all, wire end ferrules protect the sensitive cable strands and ensure secure connections.
To process cables precisely and to create perfect connections, the stripped cable should be fitted with a wire end ferrule. The crimp connector protects the fine strands of the cable from damage and thus ensures a safe flow of current.
To ensure that you have the right wire end ferrule for every application and at all times, we offer assortment boxes that combine crimp connectors of different sizes. For example, our range of wire end ferrules with insulating collar contains 550 crimp connectors with cross-sections ranging from 0.5 to 6 mm2. You will also find a range of duo wire end ferrules and one with wire end ferrules without insulating collar. Our duo wire end ferrules are designed for applications with two cables each. Of course, you can also get the right refill for the assortments from us. Our refill packs contain small quantities of wire end ferrules or duo wire end ferrules that fit exactly into the respective compartment in the assortment.
Once you have chosen the right crimp connector, you can get started. Our Workshop-Buddies will show you how to crimp the wire end ferrule quickly and easily. To prepare the cable, it must first be stripped. This can easily be done with our stripping pliers Stripper, for example. To crimp the wire end ferrule, it is best to use wire end pliers, i.e. crimping pliers that are specially designed for wire end ferrules. They are suitable for wire end ferrules with and without insulating collars as well as for duo wire end ferrules. Such wire end ferrule pliers produce a precise hexagonal crimp. To insert the cable effortlessly into the crimp connector, you can use the swivel positioner attached to the wire end ferrule pliers. This allows you to crimp even small crimp connectors safely.

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