✅ The stripper – stripping and cutting wire professionally and without damage 🔎✨

29. Sep 2021 | Videos EN

The Stripper – stripping and cutting wire professionally and without damage
In this tutorial you will learn how to strip cables easily and without damage by using our cable stripping tool Stripper. We will also show you that the wire stripper can be used to cut cables, too.
With conventional cable stripping tools, the strands of the cable are often damaged or even destroyed when wire stripping. Our cable stripping tool Stripper, on the other hand, ensures a clean cut so that the strands remain undamaged. With the wire stripper, both solid and fine-stranded conductors with cross-sections from 0.03 mm² to 16 mm² can be stripped without any problems. The cable stripping tool is particularly suitable for cables with small cross-sections. This is because their highly flexible and fine strands are especially susceptible to damage and can be protected from this by using the Stripper.
Our wire stripper has an intelligent self-adjustment feature that can be adjusted to the cross-section of the cable. This ensures that no excessive pressure is exerted on the cable during stripping. This prevents damage to the electrical cable. In addition, depending on the intended use, the desired length of the strands exposed after wire stripping can be set and adjusted.
A cable cutter is also integrated in the cable stripping tool for cutting wire easily. This allows cables with a cross-section of up to 6 mm2 to be effortlessly cut. This is particularly practical because only one tool is needed for wire stripping and cutting wire.
In order to accomplish perfect wire stripping of different cables we offer various blade inserts that can be inserted into the Stripper. The straight blade, which is already included in the scope of delivery, is ideal for classic wire stripping. It can be used to comfortably strip cables with a cross-section of up to 6 mm2. Our additionally available oval blade, on the other hand, ensures an even cut for cables with cross-sections of 10-16 mm2. We also offer an optional V-blade, which is especially suitable for PTFE cables with cross-sections from 0.14 to 4.0 mm2. All blades can be reordered individually from us. This offers the great advantage that the wire stripper does not entirely have to be disposed of or replaced if the blades become blunt.
The oval blade and the V-blade are available as accessories and are linked to the cable stripper in the online catalogue.

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