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In our Elparts range we offer you main headlights (front lights) as well as reversing lights, spotlights and fog lights. You can also find various auxiliary headlights such as  worklights and ambient lights. Our lighting catalogue includes an entire chapter with vehicle-specific headlights such as front lights for commercial vehicles.

Main headlights (front lights) emit their light in the direction of travel, which is why they act as part of the vehicle lighting for both low and high beam. Our main headlights (front lights) let you identify obstacles and other road users more quickly, particularly with poor visibility. We also offer universal headlights for the agricultural sector as well as for construction machinery.

Our spotlights and fog lights turn night into day. Thanks to their high performance, our spotlights ensure optimal illumination of the roadway while our fog lights offer wide short-range illumination.

Auxiliary headlights such as worklights make everyday processes far easier. But which headlight is the right one for your situation? Here you can consult our online catalogue, which will help you find the right worklight for your requirements. Our worklights mainly feature headlights with modern LED technology.

Ambient lights cater for a wide range of applications. Whether used on emergency vehicles, mobile homes or caravans, they emit light with a very wide illumination angle. All ambient lights sold by our company are top-quality LED lights.

In the case of reversing lights fitted to commercial vehicles, trailers and buses with a permissible total weight of over 3.5 tons and over six metres in length, the statutory provisions stipulate the attachment and use of reversing lights. Our online catalogue contains all mounting specifications so you'll always play it safe here.


Worklights – Which is the right one?

The problem: Which is the right one?

Worklights help make daily work processes much easier. They allow you to manoeuvre more precisely, for example. In critical situations, better vision can help a driver respond more quickly, as well as making work safer in general. But the market is full of different worklights. Which one do you choose? Which one is best for your requirements?

Solution: Here's a few things to help you.

Current lighting: What lights do you already have? Is it sufficient to replace the equipment you already have (with modern technology like xenon or LED that helps lower costs in the long term) or do you need to increase the light intensity?

Work area: Where do you work every day? Each area will have different lighting requirements. This extends from a long-range but narrow illumination to precise, close-range illumination, for example when loading or unloading goods at a factory.

Combined headlight equipment: Can you add to your existing lighting? Sometimes adding extra worklights (always in pairs) is all it takes to optimise light quality.

Quality of the lighting equipment: Is your work mostly conducted in halls with concrete floors or on asphalted areas? In these cases the risk of damage to headlights from vibrations is much lower than when in fields or on construction sites. Filament-free LED headlights are more suited to these working environments.

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