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We are the specialists when it comes to Japanese and Korean vehicle models. With its comprehensive portfolio and first-to-market promise, our Jakoparts spare part range is a true heavyweight. That makes us first choice every time. Passt immer!



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Spare parts for engines – Keeping the wheels in motion

The engine is the beating heart of any vehicle. That’s precisely why it’s also so important to ensure that its wearing parts are of the very highest quality. After all, the functions of the engine and various assemblies, not to mention the safety of the vehicle occupants, are dependent on a stable drive train to a great extent. Drive belts in particular are subjected to enormous mechanical, chemical and thermic stress. Filters and seals also fall squarely within the category of safety-relevant parts and are exposed to heavy loads due to increasing power levels. In order to safeguard their functionality, our products satisfy the highest requirements for modern drive-system designs.

You will find certified spare parts and wearing parts of the very highest quality in the Jakoparts product range.



Gaskets | Seals


Cooling system

Fuel system


Drive parts | Clutch parts
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The muscle behind the motion – Spare parts for the drive train

The clutch transfers torque to the transmission to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Among other things, this makes it responsible for starting up and driving off. It goes without saying that drive-train components are subjected to massive amounts of force. The clutch disc and pressure plate adjust the rotational speed to the stationary transmission, for example. To conquer these forces and guarantee a comfortable drive by doing so, spare parts in the Jakoparts product range are designed to be as robust as possible: they can deal with such constant loads and fit perfectly thanks to the precise allocation of parts.


Drive parts

Clutch parts


Disc brake | Drum brake | Brake hydraulic | Parking brake
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Stop everything – Spare parts for brakes

Full power to the brakes. In any vehicle, the brakes are the most crucial parts when it comes to safety. Ever more powerful engines mean that brake systems are subjected to ever higher loads. We have the status of a brake disc manufacturer and therefore believe that we bear the same responsibility as a manufacturer. For this reason, the vast majority of our brake parts satisfy the stringent requirements of ECE-R90 approval – meaning that you can be sure of receiving OEM quality from us. The ECE label is a seal of quality, so new approvals are added every day for our products.

ECE-R90 standard

  • Pressure-resistance and shear strength
  • Speed-sensitivity
  • Test numbers beginning with E must be permanently identifiable on the spare part
  • Sealed packaging
  • The vehicles approved for the coating must be listed on the packaging


Disc brake


Drum brake

Brake hydraulic

Parking brake


Suspension parts | Steering components | Wheel bearing kits | Shock absorber


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Propping everything up – Spare parts for the suspension

The entire weight of the vehicle rests on the shoulders of suspension and steering parts. When cornering at speed, this is all the more crucial. Despite their small dimensions, wheel bearings have to cope with significant load changes. In the process, they are subjected to adverse external conditions such as cold and heat. The Jakoparts product range contains outstanding products which can always counter these forces. And that’s not all: our customer service also extends to workshop training courses on how to professionally mount these parts.


Suspension parts

Steering components

Wheel bearing kits

Shock absorber


Alternators+Starters | Ignition system | Glow plug system | Switch | Actuators+Sensors


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Full power – Spare parts for vehicle electrics

We don’t just keep up with the latest technology – our innovations are always in the overtaking lane. After all, we know just how essential the electrics are in modern vehicles. Such systems control communication with the driver and must meet very demanding requirements, e.g. due to high temperatures and instruments that consume ever more power. The Jakoparts product range contains spare parts of the highest quality and fit accuracy which you can rely on in any situation. This makes the vehicle electrics a reliable companion and keeps them from becoming the Achilles’ heel of modern vehicles.

Alternators + Starters

Ignition system

Glow plug system


Actuators + Sensors




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Multi-purpose professional tools – For day-to-day workshop use

Useful and dependable in every sense. We know that perfect service doesn’t just end when the new spare part is fitted. Tools which are perfectly tailored to workshop procedures really do pay off – for customers and workshops alike. Our high quality standards guarantee that tools have a long service life and also make day-to-day work in workshops that extra bit easier.

Processing + Installation

Car Body

Gas Spring


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Combining quality and precision fit - spare parts for the bodywork

Body parts play an important role in the design, safety and functionality of a vehicle. They are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also fulfil important tasks in protecting the occupants and the mechanics. Therefore, they should be maintained regularly and repaired or replaced as quickly as possible in case of damage. The body parts in our Jakoparts range impress with their precision fit and meet the highest quality requirements.

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