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With AirClean (spray gun and air conditioning cleaner) we can offer a highly effective alternative for vehicle disinfection. Currently the only system of its kind, it operates on a purely mineral basis and is completely safe for humans, animals and the environment. AirClean can also be used for surface disinfection or by means of cold fogging for effective room hygiene - and all this on a purely mineral basis.

To put it simply, AirClean is an A/C disinfection spray with which you can effectively disinfect the air conditioning system and the vehicle interior without much effort and thus reduce viruses, bacteria, spores and other germs. The key advantages and characteristics of AirClean for cars can be found in the following overview:

No toxic substances or aggressive chemicals. The A/C disinfection spray is safe for humans, animals, health and the environment.
The A/C disinfection spray is highly effective and helps to reduce viruses, bacteria, spores and other germs.
The time required for A/C disinfection is five minutes.
100% biodegradable
Highly flexible: The A/C disinfection spray allows different surfaces in the car to be cleaned more or less thoroughly, as required.
absolutely no maintenance required
A/C disinfection ensures protection and hygiene for allergy sufferers by removing pollen and spores from the air conditioning system.
low costs thanks to mobile disinfection station


There are a variety of reasons for carefully disinfecting car A/C systems. The elimination of germs, odours, fungi and spores in a vehicle is above all advisable for the following reasons:

  • A/C disinfection after buying a used car.
  • A/C disinfection before sale.
  • Highly effective A/C disinfection - reliably eliminates germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria.
  • Disinfect A/C system to remove pollen.
  • A/C disinfection to prevent mould.
  • Regular A/C disinfection in fleet management (e.g. change in drivers).


With AirClean we are adding professional A/C disinfection to our portfolio of A/C system maintenance in cars. In addition to leak detection, AirClean allows us to disinfect a vehicle's A/C system without great effort or burdening the environment. AirClean is suitable for A/C disinfection in all types of vehicle: cars, vans, trucks, mobile homes etc. The AirClean spray gun is available with a filling capacity of up to 1l or 5l of the A/C disinfection spray.


The AnoKath A/C disinfection spray used here is a powerful oxidising agent made from water and sodium chloride. The agent is applied to A/C systems using the special AirClean cold nebulisers to disinfect the air conditioning. This highly effective A/C disinfection spray reliably reduces germs, viruses and bacteria. The disinfection process with AnoKath is minerals-based.

"We have been using the AirClean for climate disinfection for several years and are very satisfied with it. Recently, caravan owners in particular have become aware of us via the Herth+Buss website, as we are listed there as an AirClean partner workshop.

A great example of an application was a caravan that was completely covered with black mould in the inside. After a basic cleaning we disinfected the trailer with AirClean and let it stay like this overnight. After the treatment the unpleasant smell were completely gone and also the mould and bacteria were eliminated. To check this we had a laboratory test done. The result convinced us of AirClean again! We can highly recommend AirClean. A good argument is also that it is not a chemical product and is also compatible for allergy sufferers. The device is also easy to operate and the time required is very low."

Roland Riedelbauch

Owner of the independent workshop in Weißenstadt

Coronavirus FAQ – Questions and answers

How can I protect myself from the coronavirus?

If you want to avoid infection, it is best to stay at home and avoid social contacts. Unfortunately this does not work for everyone and is difficult to implement in some professions. Therefore it is important to carry out a thorough disinfection also in the vehicle interior. This can be done with the help of our AirClean. You can find information about new corona virus (SARS-CoV-2) on the website of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Why should I do surface cleaning?

Since SARS-CoV-2 is a new virus, experts do not yet know how long the viruses can survive on inanimate surfaces. However, it is suspected that the corona virus can survive for up to 3 days on surfaces. With the help of wipe disinfection and our disinfectant, you can prevent the germs from being carried over during wiping.

Why does a room disinfection to reduce viruses, bacteria and spores make sense?

Pathogens enter the body through the air via the respiratory organs or mucous membranes. With our disinfectant AirClean and the cold spray gun, the tiny droplets contribute to a reduction of germs in room air and surfaces.

FAQ – Questions and answers

How long will the A/C disinfection spray keep for?

​When unopened and adhering to the stipulated storage conditions, the product can be kept for a maximum of 12 months. Please refer to the information on the label. Once opened and when adhering to the stipulated storage conditions, the product can be kept for a maximum of 6 months.

Can any type of compressor be used?

Yes, in principle. However, it is recommended using an oil-free compressor. When utilising conventional compressors with lubrication, a reliable oil trap and filter must be used. The following must be guarantee​d:

  • Clean compressed air with no rust residues, condensate or oil content. Even the smallest quantities of oil, rust or other impurities may impair the effectiveness of the A/C disinfection spray.
  • Effective supply quantity >100 l/min
  • Set pressure 3 bar
  • The compressor must be able to operate continuously to an adequate extent.
Where should A/C disinfection of the vehicle be carried out?

This should be carried out in well-ventilated rooms or outside (not in the rain) at an ambient temperature of 20-25 °C. Direct sunlight and an internal vehicle temperature of over 25 °C should be avoided.

What should I pay attention to when disinfecting the A/C system or the vehicle?

The vehicle's cabin air filter should be removed before disinfection and then replaced with a new one after disinfection. The mist should also be fed directly into the air intake ducts to ensure adequate distribution throughout the air conditioning system. The vehicle manufacturer’s instructions must be observed. In general, the vehicle should always be cleaned thoroughly before disinfection.

How much air-conditioning cleaner is required for each application and each type of vehicle?

The consumption rates for air-conditioning cleaner are approximately as follows:

  • Small car: application time 5 minutes; consumption 70 ml
  • Mid-range car: application time 10 minutes; consumption 100 ml
  • Van/SUV/minibus: application time 12 minutes; consumption 120 ml

Filters that impress with their perfect fit!

Our high-quality oil, air and fuel filters are the perfect solution for smooth engine performance. Using these solutions reduces fuel consumption and our cabin filters are supplying a constant stream of fresh air in the vehicle.

» Interior Filters

They filter the air for the occupants and thus protect them from dust, pollen and hazardous gases, e.g. smog and ozone. A distinction is made between particulate filters and activated carbon filters.The filter is made up of three or four layers. The pre-filter captures the coarse dirt. The microfibre non-woven central layer traps even the tiniest of soiling particles in the air through electrostatic charge. The third layer is the carrier layer. If included, the fourth layer, with activated carbon, absorbs penetrating gaseous pollutants such as ozone and exhaust gases. Strong-smelling substances are also neutralised here to a major extent.

  • cleans incoming air and guarantees a healthy climate inside the vehicle
  • vehicle-specific installation instructions

» Biofunctional Filter

The optimal solution for protection against bacteria and mould. The special and natural polyphenol coating of our biofunctional filters binds free allergens and prevents mould and bacteria from entering the vehicle.

  • Innovative biofunctional filter for highest filtration performance
  • Protects against harmful microorganisms
  • Especially suitable for allergy sufferers


Good to know

AirCelan disinfects the vehicle interior and its A/C system with a minimum of effort, reducing germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria in the process. Is suitable for all vehicles – from passenger cars to commercial vehicles, motor homes, construction vehicles, tractors, agricultural machinery and refrigerated vehicles.

AnoKath – purely mineral

AnoKath is a powerful oxidising agent consisting of an aqueous solution with a low sodium chloride content and prepared by means of a special electrolysis process.


Klimaservice (Brosch151DE)

Download 4.54 MB 4232 downloads

» Fuel Filters

Fuel filters protect the fuel systems from soiling and separate water if necessary.
Coarse Fuel Filters
These are used as pre-filters e.g. as suction filters in the fuel tank. They are usually designed as gauze filters with a mesh size of around 0.06 mm, and are made of a close-mesh wire or polyamide netting.

Fuel Line Filters (In-Line Filters)
These are for fine filtering. Paper filters with a pore size between 0.002 and 0.0001 mm are used. They are installed in the fuel line and replaced completely during servicing.

Disposable Fuel Filters
These are made up of a housing and filter insert and are replaced completely during servicing.

  • guarantees long service life for the injection system
  • even fuel flow thanks to optimum filter paper pore size

What causes this “cracking sound”?



When mounting fuel filters J1335052, J1333048 and J1333050, you may hear a strange cracking sound that can cause concern during the fitting stage.


What causes this “cracking sound”?

It is possible to screw a water level sensor into the underside of these fuel filters in a thread specially designed for this purpose, provided that the vehicle features this additional function. For the sensor to function properly, it must be fully screwed into the filter and the separating wall to the inside of the filter broken open.



A cracking sound occurs at the point when the separating wall is broken, thereby enabling the sensor head to come into contact with the inside of the filter. Both the filter and sensor are still fully functional, as neither part is actually damaged during this process.

» Air Filters

Air filters clean the induction air and dampen the engine’s induction noise. Dust in the air is made up of the tiniest particles (0.005 mm to 0.05 mm). It sometimes also includes quartz. The dust quantity fluctuates depending on the vehicle’s usage (motorway, construction site). This dust quantity would form an abrasive mass with the lubricating oil and cause wear, particularly to cylinder liners, pistons and valve guides.

  • reliable cleaning of the intake air
  • resistant to water, oil, coolant and temperature fluctuations
  • air filter change can reduce fuel
    consumption by 10 %

» Oil Filters

Impurities in the oil, such as metal abrasion, carbon black and dust particles, worsen the quality of the oil and thus increase wear. The use of high-quality oil filters extends oil change intervals and improves cooling of the oil flow. The filter inserts remove dirt particles up to around 10 µm. However, oil filters cannot remove any liquid or dissolved impurities in the oil.

  • filter change with every oil change
  • improved cleaning effect
  • extended engine service life

Oil filter wrenches – handy assistants for the workshop

The optimisation of working time and effort are the basic operating principles of a modern workshop.The oil filter can also be tightened using a torque wrench; turn to the left and right respectively to loosen and tighten. With three variants tailored to the span width of the tool and the external diameter of the respective oil filter, they enable the workshop to cover to all oil filters of cars and commercial vehicles.

How can you find the right oil filter wrench?
Just open the premium universal parts search in our online catalogue and enter “oil filter wrench” as the search term.

A/C system servicing – Everything you need for a proper air conditioning check

Nowadays, most vehicles come with air conditioning as part of their standard equipment. The reason: If it gets too hot in a car, it not only becomes unpleasant for the driver and passengers, but dangerous as well. If A/C servicing isn't performed, individual components may also suffer significant damage. Spring is a good time for having your air conditioning checked. Experts recommend having A/C inspected by a workshop at least once a year.

Our tips for satisfied customers and an optimum service offering

» Tip 1 – Functional check and visual inspection

Tests for pressure, tightness and damage to hoses and lines are performed to start with. It may then be possible to already identify initial causes for malfunctioning of the A/C system. Our sight glass enables visual inspection of the refrigerant or compressor oil and provides valuable information on its condition. For example, there may be chips or other foreign bodies in the system. It is also possible to check whether the compressor oil has become discoloured or whether water is present.

» Tip 2: The refrigerant

Refrigerant is responsible for functioning of the air conditioning system. As around 10% of refrigerant escapes each year through seals, connections or hoses, refrigerant must be regularly extracted and refilled. Legislation has set a maximum upper limit of 40 g for refrigerant loss in vehicles with one evaporator and 60 g for refrigerant loss in vehicles with two. If more refrigerant escapes per year, the A/C system has a leak. If there is a leak in the system, we recommend using our selective SelectH2 leak location set. Even the smallest leaks can be easily identified as the SelectH2 responds to forming gas with its acute sensor system. Further information on leak location can be found here.

» Tip 3: Leak in the air conditioning line?

For the repair of a leak in the air conditioning line, we offer the perfect repair solution RepAC in our Elparts range. With the RepAC assortment, defective aluminium pipes in the air-conditioning line can be professionally, easily and quickly reconnected or entire pipe sections can be replaced. The RepAC assortment is particularly efficient and helpful for agricultural and construction machinery where repairs have to be carried out on site. The assortment RepAC gives workshops the flexibility they need for air conditioning line repairs.

» Tip 4: Cabin filter replacement

To supply the interior with sufficient clean air, the cabin filter should be changed whenever A/C servicing is performed. To that end, our Jakoparts range includes an extensive assortment of cabin filters for Asian vehicle models. We also have biofunctional cabin filters in our range especially for allergy sufferers. The special and natural polyphenol coating is designed to provide protection against allergens and prevent moulds and bacteria from penetrating into the vehicle.

» Tip 5: Disinfecting A/C systems

A good air conditioning service also includes disinfecting the A/C system. Our AirClean system lets you disinfect the vehicle interior and its air conditioning with little effort, so eliminating germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria on a purely mineral basis. It is also important to disinfect the A/C system and vehicle interior as protection against mould or when buying a used car. This is the only way to prevent germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria. For more information about disinfecting the A/C system, click here.

Info: the effect of refrigerant on the refrigeration system

A refrigerant circulates in every air conditioning system and is responsible for the transfer of heat. Heat is taken up by the refrigerant below the ambient temperature through evaporation and is released via condensation above the ambient temperature.

Since 1 January 2017, the A/C systems in new vehicles and light commercial vehicles in the EU may only be filled with refrigerants with a lower global warming potential (GWP<150). This means that the refrigerant R134a used until then can no longer be used for vehicles built after the year 2017. Since then, A/C systems have been filled with the refrigerant R1234yf as a substitute. Our Elparts range contains the right adapter for the high and low pressure connection on vehicles for both the refrigerant R134a and refrigerant R1234yf.

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