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Perfectly fitting, quality shock absorbers from the specialists.

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Mobility is the basis of our society. Mobility determines how we live and operate economically. It’s the force that motivates us. It’s the engine that has to keep running. That’s what we care about. We are Herth+Buss. Specialists in selected vehicle spare parts.

Air Clean

The Professional air-conditioning disinfection – a highly effective alternative method of vehicle disinfection which is completely non-hazardous.

KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme

Since 1996, we have been an official distributor of KOSTAL Kontakt Systeme and also an expert retailer for these contact systems.

Shock absorber replacement made easy

Is the shock absorber an underestimated spare part? Uneven road surfaces, fully laden vehicles, cornering and potholes. Everyday occurrences which demand top performance from shock absorbers. Which is why shock absorbers, like brake components, are classed...

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Aquaplaning – How to deal with it correctly

Every motorist has surely experienced the unpleasant sensation of the car suddenly lifting off the road surface in the pouring rain, leaving them feeling like a helpless passenger. Known as aquaplaning, this is a seriously frightening phenomenon,...

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 One brand. Two great ranges!

Elparts – From small to large
– the whole range!

Electrics | Installation | Tools | Lighting

The specialist in vehicle electrics!

With our Elparts range we offer a comprehensive product spectrum that meets any requirement, from automobiles to commercial vehicles. This is our professional workshop solution and that‘s why we‘re always first choice.

Our services for you:

  • over 6,200 universal parts
  • over 3,000 vehicle-specific parts
    with 666,000 vehicle links
  • comprehensive range for all vehicle types
  • exactly fitting parts allocation
  • professional solutions thanks to
    over 90 years of experience

Jakoparts – The best for Asian vehicles!

Engine | Transmission | Brake | Chassis | Electrics | Tools

The best for Asian vehicles!

We are specialists in Japanese and Korean vehicle models. With its comprehensive range and first-to-market promise, our Jakoparts range of spare parts is a real heavyweight. That’s why we’re always first choice.

Our services for you:

  • over 18,500 vehicle-specific parts
  • with 260,000 vehicle links
  • exactly fitting parts allocation
  • quality even for the latest models
  • fast availability from Germany‘s no. 1

Inspector – The champion for Asian vehicles!

The Inspector is a multi-brand diagnosis unit specially developed for Asian vehicle models with a focus on Asian automobiles and commercial vehicles. It helps with challenging diagnosis work, maintenance and repair work.

SelectH2 – Leak location in air-conditioning and cooling systems

The selective gas detector SelectH2 from Herth+Buss is equipped with two gas sensors, which act like an artificial nose and respond only to hydrogen. Petrol and oil vapours do not negatively influence the measurement result.

AirClean – Professional air-conditioning disinfection

With AirClean, Herth+Buss is able to offer a highly effective alternative method of vehicle disinfection which is completely non-hazardous to people and the environment, operates on a purely mineral basis and is currently the only system of its kind.

AirGuard – Fit for TPMS!

Our AirGuard is a programming/diagnostic unit for TPMS and makes it possible to perform work on the vehicle without an Internet connection. 

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Herth+Buss was there right from the start. Founded in 1925, we specialised in spare parts from the very beginning.
Today, Herth+Buss is an independent, international family-run business with more than 67,000 brand-name parts on the independent after market. We are committed to supplying your vehicle parts at the right time and the right place – quickly, reliably and in top quality.

Herth+Buss wurde im Jahr 1925 gegründet und war von Anfang an auf Ersatzteile spezialisiert.
Heute ist Herth+Buss ein unabhängiges, weltweit agierendes Familienunternehmen mit über 26.000 Markenteilen im Freien Ersatzteilmarkt. Unser Auftrag: Ihre Fahrzeugteile zur richtigen Zeit am richtigen Ort – schnell, zuverlässig und in bester Qualität.

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