Drum brakes, brake blocks, brake shoes, brake discs. Jakoparts – original brake parts of the highest quality. The full range for Asian vehicles. Perfectly fitting. Certified. Guaranteed. Nowadays, levels of effort and hours worked are optimised at modern workshops. This is just one of the many customer requirements we have fulfilled for years with our practical, high-quality products and repair solutions. Everything from a single source!


You can rely on brake discs and pads from our Jakoparts product range. Maximum safety and customer satisfaction are guaranteed thanks to continuous quality control of our ECE R90-certified brake discs and pads and our cooperation with TÜV Nord. All our brake discs are coated. This means they no longer need to be degreased. To save you time when replacing brake discs and to simplify the work operation. When replacing brake discs, the recommendation for running-in made in our installation instructions must be observed without fail.

  • More than 700 references for Asian vehicles with a vehicle coverage of over 95 %
  • Brake discs certified according to ECE-R90
  • Coating offers protection against corrosion
  • Perfect look for aluminium rims
  • High temperature resistance
  • Ease of handling thanks to low weight
  • Maximum brake comfort through use of high-quality materials
  • Regular material analyses conducted by an independent laboratory

Repair kit for brake calipers

  • A Herth+Buss solution for ensuring that repairs are proportionate to a vehicle’s current market value
  • Costly cast housings for the calipers can simply be cleaned and reused
  • This keeps the brake pads centred in relation to the brake disc

Guide sleeve kit for repairing the brake caliper

  • Complete set for one brake caliper each
  • The task of the guide sleeves is to enable the brake caliper to glide axially with as little play as possible during the braking process
  • This keeps the brake pads centred in relation to the brake disc

Brake calipers with electric park brake

  • The electric function is identifiable from the criterion included in the online catalogue
  • Herth+Buss quality
  • Perfect fit accuracy

Vernier calliper, brake disc thickness

  • Simple measurement without removing the wheel
  • Fast method of determining brake disc thickness/minimum wear limit

Turn/reset tool, brake caliper piston

  • Simple resetting of brake pistons
  • No tilting
  • Avoiding damage to sleeve gaskets and pistons
  • Includes an adapter

» Drum Brake

Drum brakes are becoming ever rarer in cars today. Drum brakes essentially consist of the brake drum, brake shoes, wheel cylinder, armature plate, adjusting mechanism, return springs and various fasteners. During braking, the wheel cylinder forces the fixed brake shoes apart and presses them onto the brake drum, which decelerates the wheel as a result. Drum brakes have decisive advantages over a disc-brake system. As it is a closed system, it is protected against environmental influences. It is also easier to incorporate a park brake into the system. The system can withstand longer downtimes, has a long service life and is cost-effective.

Brake-shoe adjuster

  • For flawless drum brake function
  • A leaf spring that is hooked in incorrectly can block the entire mechanism

Installation tools, brake spring

  • Universal use for virtually every drum brake
  • Special clearance angle makes removing/fitting brake spring washers easy

» Brake Hydraulics

In the brake hydraulics, the brake power is transferred via the brake fluid from the brake master cylinder to the individual wheel brake cylinders for the disc or drum brakes. When the engine is running, the pressure in the main brake cylinder created by pressing the brake pedal is augmented significantly by vacuum, so that greater deceleration can be achieved with a small amount of force on the pedal. As the pressure in the closed system is constant, the brake forces are automatically distributed to the wheel brakes evenly and synchronously. Hydraulic brakes have low friction losses when transferring forces and can be metered very easily.

Always fresh, little effort required:
brake cylinders from the Jakoparts range for Asian vehicle models offer quality-controlled safety and reliability for both you and your customers.

Filler/bleeder unit, brake fluid

  • A tool used to bleed brake or clutch hydraulics
  • Mobile usage possible as no power or compressed-air connection required
  • Air in the brake system results in a longer braking distance or even to the failure of the brakes in question

Stopper set, hose/pipeline

  • Ten-piece set of hose/pipeline stoppers
  • Allows hydraulic lines to be closed off temporarily
  • Suitable for brake and lubrication systems or other hydraulic systems

Reversible ratchet set

  • Ratchet open in middle permits bleeding without removing wheel
  • Finely toothed special ratchet, including silicone hose

» Park Brake

For a fast get-away: with complete solutions from the Jakoparts range, your retrofitting business for Asian vehicles won’t be held back by a pit stop. Punctuality guaranteed for all standard models.

The park brake performs the important function of providing extra security to a parking vehicle, or acting as an auxiliary brake in the event of the service brake failing. It works by permanently locking the vehicle’s wheels. It must be independent from the service brake and act upon all wheels on the rear axle. The park brake is also known as the cable brake, as it is operated as such using a hand or foot lever.

Perfectly fitting replacement brakes: an example from practice
With over 18,500 vehicle-specific parts in our Jakoparts product range, we supply a comprehensive portfolio of products for Japanese and Korean vehicle models. Brake replacements are incredibly easy thanks to the assignment of perfectly fitting parts!

Brake calipers without core exchange

In order to make everyday work easier for both the trade and the workshop, our Jakoparts range now also includes brake calipers without old parts handling and deposit calculation. The switch to brake calipers without core exchange is being continuously expanded, so that we can already offer over 100 brake calipers without deposit on used parts. The deposit-free brake calipers can be clearly identified by their packaging. In addition, they are marked with a corresponding note in the master data and in our online catalogue.

  • no return of old parts
  • Cost and time savings
  • simple processing
  • Advantage for trade and workshop

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Brakes (Brosch152EN)

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