The Inspector
diagnostic device


The increase in maintenance and repair work and troubleshooting on the vehicle also affect independent workshops. Our Inspector vehicle diagnostic device supports workshops with maintenance and repair work, as well as with reading out the fault memory for all common brands. The readout device is therefore suitable both for diagnostics and for all service-relevant work and calibrations in day-to-day workshop operations. Reading out faults made easy – our Inspector has access to all OE data from Hyundai and Kia and therefore has many functions that are not covered by any other diagnostic device on the market. The Inspector vehicle diagnostic device is first-class when it comes to speed, system coverage and diagnostic reliability.


The troubleshooting is largely automatic, the entries for vehicle identification
are simple and operation is intuitive.
Another highlight for the workshop: The updates will be free of charge in the first year. The most important hardware facts for the fault readout device:


Powerful CPU
The 2.1 GHz Octa-Core processor enables fast and smooth working


Smarter and faster - Android OS
Fast start-up, multi-tasking, optimal networking and system reliability


10 inch - LCD display with capacitive touchscreen
The high-resolution 10.1-inch LCD is easily legible even in sunlight and offers maximum operating comfort


64 GB internal and 128 GB external memory
Optimal storage of all diagnostic logs, customer information, images and data. Sufficient storage space, even for future software applications.


Simple creation of diagnostic reports
The pre-scan report highlights all problems that vehicles have. The post scan report confirms that they have been properly resolved.


Integrated WLAN
The WiFi connection enables updates, quick feedback, TeamViewer support, printing, browsing and much more.

Accessory for the Inspector diagnostic device

Our online catalogue contains the right accessories for our read-out device.
Everything you need for troubleshooting and diagnostics.

  • Manufacturer-specific OBD adaptor

The PC-based Inspector for troubleshooting on the vehicle with VCI

The new, PC-based version among diagnostic devices boasts greater flexibility and an even better price-performance ratio (without a subscription or set contract period). Thanks to its comprehensive software, the PC version of the diagnostic device shows its impressive model depth and functional coverage on any PC, laptop or tablet with a Windows 7 or later operating system. The customer receives a VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface) along with the Inspector diagnostic device. The VCI is a communication interface – an OBD dongle with an integrated multiplexer in an ultra-compact package, that establishes communication with the PC, laptop or tablet.

Diagnostic functions of the diagnostic device

Inspector vehicle diagnostic device - features

FAQ – Questions and answers

What do updates cost?

The update costs currently amount to €469 per year. The updates are free of charge in the first year.

How and when are updates performed?

3 large updates per year are published at regular intervals. However, patchfiles and smaller updates with problem solutions can be installed easily at any time after release using the update function on the start screen of the device. The download and installation then take place fully automatically.

Are the updates compulsory?

The updates are not compulsory. It is nevertheless strongly recommended to always keep the device up to date with the latest software version for various reasons, including liability, technical support, etc.

Do skipped updates need to be purchased later?

No, skipped updates do not need to be purchased later.

How is the customer informed about new updates?

A direct notification of a new update is displayed directly on the device.

What is the cancellation period?

There are no cancellation periods. The annual flat rate automatically expires after one year. After this point, the annual flat rate can be extended for one additional year at a time using the order form.

Inspector – Der Champion für Asiaten!

Der Inspector ist ein speziell für asiatische Fahrzeugmodelle entwickeltes Multimarken-Diagnosegerät mit dem Schwerpunkt auf asiatischen Kfz und Nfz. Er unterstützt Sie sowohl bei anspruchsvoller Diagnose als auch bei allen Wartungs- und Reparaturarbeiten.  Eben ein Champion für Asiaten!

Updates for Inspector: 95990300


Cartypelist Inspector

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Inspector Tab – Software

Software 53.96 MB 627 downloads

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