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Vehicle plug

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Our assortments include a selection of the most common vehicle plugs and vehicle connectors, fuses, circuit breakers, plug housings, ClipFix, fastening elements, hose connectors, shrink hoses, rubber grommets and other items. This allows you to cover a wide range of applications at the workshop. It significantly speeds up your ordering, and you always have the necessary parts to hand. We tap into our experience and years of advising workshops to put together our product ranges, assembling them as far as possible according to the frequency of faults and common vehicle types.

RepSolutions in our assortment



With RepSolutions we offer a wide range of ingenious repair solutions, a unique concept that has already become popular with workshops. RepCab repair cable sets make it easy for example to repair damaged cables in the original harness with doors, tailgates and boot lids. Also on offer are RepCon repair connector sets, which can be used to replace defective vehicle connectors in a vehicle (for example on combination rearlights, glow plugs, sensors, air mass sensors). RepLine repair cables also have a crucial advantage to offer: Ready-crimped repair cables made of flexible silicone make an entire work operation superfluous and save the expense of having to buy a crimping tool.

Some of these repair kits are available as practical assortment boxes. All parts sold in our assortment boxes can be re-ordered if required.


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