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Nowadays, most vehicles come with air conditioning as part of their standard equipment. The reason: If it gets too hot in a car, it not only becomes unpleasant for the driver and passengers, but dangerous as well. If A/C servicing isn't performed, individual components may also suffer significant damage. Spring is a good time for having your air conditioning checked. Experts recommend having A/C inspected by a workshop at least once a year.

Our tips for satisfied customers and an optimum service offering

» Tip 1 – Functional check and visual inspection

Tests for pressure, tightness and damage to hoses and lines are performed to start with. It may then be possible to already identify initial causes for malfunctioning of the A/C system.

» Tip 2: The Refrigerant

Refrigerant is responsible for functioning of the air conditioning system. As around 10% of refrigerant escapes each year through seals, connections or hoses, refrigerant must be regularly extracted and refilled. Legislation has set a maximum upper limit of 40 g for refrigerant loss in vehicles with one evaporator and 60 g for refrigerant loss in vehicles with two. If more refrigerant escapes per year, the A/C system has a leak. If there is a leak in the system, we recommend using our selective SelectH2 leak location set. Even the smallest leaks can be easily identified as the SelectH2 responds to forming gas with its acute sensor system. Further information on leak location can be found here.

» Tip 3: Leak in the air conditioning line?

For the repair of a leak in the air conditioning line, we offer the perfect repair solution RepAC in our Elparts range. With the RepAC assortment, defective aluminium pipes in the air-conditioning line can be professionally, easily and quickly reconnected or entire pipe sections can be replaced. The RepAC assortment is particularly efficient and helpful for agricultural and construction machinery where repairs have to be carried out on site. The assortment RepAC gives workshops the flexibility they need for air conditioning line repairs.

» Tip 4: Top up the A/C compressor with oil

One important tip for all air conditioning service devices which do not automatically refill the compressor oil: the compressor oil drained off must be replaced with the same quantity of new oil.


» Tip 4: Cabin filter replacement

To supply the interior with sufficient clean air, the cabin filter should be changed whenever A/C servicing is performed. To that end, our Jakoparts range includes an extensive assortment of cabin filters for Asian vehicle models. We also have biofunctional cabin filters in our range especially for allergy sufferers. The special and natural polyphenol coating is designed to provide protection against allergens and prevent moulds and bacteria from penetrating into the vehicle.

» Tip 5: Disinfecting A/C systems

A good air conditioning service also includes disinfecting the A/C system. Our AirClean system lets you disinfect the vehicle interior and its air conditioning with little effort, so eliminating germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria on a purely mineral basis. It is also important to disinfect the A/C system and vehicle interior as protection against mould or when buying a used car. This is the only way to prevent germs, fungi, viruses and bacteria. For more information about disinfecting the A/C system, click here.

Info: the effect of refrigerant on the refrigeration system

A refrigerant circulates in every air conditioning system and is responsible for the transfer of heat. Heat is taken up by the refrigerantbelow the ambient temperature through evaporation and is released via condensation above the ambient temperature.
Since 1 January 2017, the A/C systems in new vehicles and light commercial vehicles in the EU may only be filled with refrigerants with a lower global warming potential (GWP<150). This means that the refrigerant R134a used until then can no longer be used for vehicles built after the year 2017. Since then, A/C systems have been filled with the refrigerant R1234yf as a substitute. Our Elparts range contains the right adapter for the high and low pressure connection on vehicles for both the refrigerant R134a and refrigerant R1234yf.

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