Herth+Buss fuses – innovative, reliable, with a large range

01. Oct 2019 | Technology + Products

The purpose of vehicle fuses is to protect cables and consumers from overloading and short-circuits. From a certain current, the fuse interrupts the current flow and therefore prevents damage. For this reason, at Herth+Buss we place great emphasis on the highest quality offered. Here, our customers benefit from our broad and deep range, which is always up to date.

Which fuses do we offer in our product range?

The flat-type plug-in-fuse is the most common type of fuse. The most popular forms include the standard, MINI, low-profile MINI and MAXI-flat fuse. We also offer the standard and MINI variants in a version with LED burn-out indicator. The flat-type-fuses that came onto the market recently include the MICRO2, MICRO3, MULTI6, as well as MaxiCompact and M8Compact-fuse, which can be found in the latest vehicle models.


So-called block fuse, which is predominantly used in Asian vehicles, have a similar application range as the MAXI-flat fuse. Familiar types is the JCase and PAL fuse. These are, in turn, available in different sizes and with different mounting options.

Our fuse range is rounded off by classic torpedo, glass and strip fuses, as well as bolt type fuses for high currents (CF, MIDI, MEGA, PowerVal). Our 450 V LC HEV fuses for electric and hybrid vehicles are also now available. If you want to get a bigger overview of our fuses, have a look here!


A possible alternative

The alternative to normal fuses that have to be replaced after a single trigger are automatic circuit breakers for cars and commercial vehicles which can be reconnected. These are available in designs for standard and MINI-flat fuses and, since recently, also as an alternative for screw-in fuses. Depending on the variant, these reset themselves or can be reset manually.

Our fuse boxes and fuse holders are, of course, as varied as our different automatic fuses and automatic circuit breakers. Here we offer solutions for all common fuse types, whether conventional torpedo or modern MICRO3 fuses. Everyone will find what they are looking for in our comprehensive range. It is worth mentioning in this regard our modular fuse and relay holder system, which enables a central electrics system to be set up. Here, fuse box sets can be individually mounted or grouped together in several supporting frames. With the help of our fuse boxes, it is also possible to put together a box individually. The appropriate busbars and lids can therefore be selected directly for every application.