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New registrations in 2019 – what can we expect in 2020?

Last year, the car market once again gained momentum. In addition to a slight increase in conventionally driven vehicles, in 2019 there were once again more new registrations with alternative drive. The largest proportion of newly registered vehicles with electric,...

Traffic jams – Germany is drowning

Who is to blame for the daily chaos and which ways out are there? Shortly before Christmas, the holiday season in Germany starts again. But with all the comfort, the Christmas holidays mean packed streets and countless traffic jams. And even during the holiday-free...

How to identify a broken tyre

If it hisses or pops, it’s already too late. A broken tyre can be really dangerous, not just on the motorway. However, critical situations can be avoided by identifying tyre damage at an early stage. The problem is that many drivers do not really know how to recognise...

Our highlights from the IAA 2019

This year, the International Motor Show (IAA) didn’t have it easy. First off, numerous automotive manufacturers announced that they weren’t going to be making an appearance at the largest German automotive show in 2019. And then there was strong criticism around the...

WERKSTATT DES VERTRAUENS – a seal of approval for vehicle workshops

Customer satisfaction is the central benchmark that independent workshops use when gauging their work and success. But workshop reviews often only represent a snapshot characterising earlier assessments. Specialist work is frequently performed once according to a...

E-highway on the A5: Germany’s first test route for hybrid HGVs

Since May 2019 drivers on the A5 have been wondering about a 5 km stretch of road with overhead power lines amidst the motorway. What sounds a bit like science fiction is a pilot project for which Germany’s Federal Ministry for the Environment is providing...

Cardata@once – a functional industry solution

Last year, we reported on our collaboration with Carmunication. Now there is news about our cooperation with the non-profit association: cardata@once. Carmunication’s commitment and our collaboration with the association gave rise to the idea of our own tool some time...

No helicopter needed: 5 tips for a safe way to school

I can still remember the summer of 2016. Our darling daughter was just about to start school and I was faced with the question of how to let her go – something which is a very important event for parents everywhere. First and foremost, we were concerned with how we...

Off on a holiday road trip? Three alternatives to your own car!

You have to take your own car when you head off on holiday, don’t you? After all, the car is still the most popular mode of transportation: around two thirds of holidaymakers in Germany prefer to drive away on holiday. Does that mean that it has to be your own car,...

The fascination of Oldtimer and Youngtimer classic cars

While modern cars now have a whole lot of electronic devices on board to aid the driver and, admittedly, ensure greater safety on the road, owners of Old- and Youngtimers can still experience pure, unadulterated enjoyment in driving. Many automobile fans get their...

Car theft: Thieves love luxury marques

Car theft: Thieves love luxury marques There is no let-up to the SUV trend in Germany, nor does it exclude high-end models, which are especially popular with the car thieves. The numbers here are staggering – According to the statistics, in Germany a car is stolen...

How independent garages can gear up for electromobility

Admittedly, electromobility hasn’t yet had a major breakthrough in Germany. But the vehicle registration figures indicate something is happening. In 2018 the number of new registrations for electro and hybrid cars was up by over 51 percent compared with the...