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Technology + Products

Herth+Buss fuses – innovative, reliable, with a large range

The purpose of vehicle fuses is to protect cables and consumers from overloading and short-circuits. From a certain current, the fuse interrupts the current flow and therefore prevents damage. For this reason, at Herth+Buss we place great emphasis on the highest...

5 things I can’t do without – the 95980802 Reanimator

Today it’s power that’s needed! Over the past few weeks we’ve presented you with a number of items that no workshop should be without. The month is now coming to an end and we’ve already arrived at our last article. If you missed one of the...

5 things I can’t do without – Flash CS120 95950005 battery charger

This month our Werkstatt-Buddies Pete and Jens are presenting 5 things which they think are workshop must-haves. In our last blog post, Pete introduced the crimping pliers to us; if you’ve missed that post, you can find it here. Today I will explain why I absolutely...

5 things I can’t do without – the 90942242 crimping pliers

Everyone is familiar with this, whether it’s your favourite ballpoint pen or favourite cordless screwdriver. Favourite tools are found in every branch, in open-plan offices or on building sites. And things are no different for our Werkstatt-Buddies Pete and...

The Herth+Buss EPC app

The Herth+Buss online catalogue is a popular tool for identifying and searching for items from our product range. This applies both to our colleagues in the sales office and to our customers in particular, who maintain and extend their product range using the online...

Current value-based repair and what clutch parts have to do with this

Over time, the value of vehicles decreases considerably. It doesn’t initially matter here whether the car has had an accident or not. High-quality spare parts (also clutch parts) from third-party suppliers enable cheaper repairs. It’s worth talking to an independent...

RepSolutions and everything that goes with it

The RepSolutions catalogue was first printed some two years ago. Countless copies have meanwhile found their way into the hands of wholesalers and workshops. It’s now a good time to take a closer look at the term RepSolutions and to make it clearer for everyone...

Buddy BBQ – A whole new way to use Herth+Buss tools

At long last – barbecue time is here again! And even though the weather doesn’t always cooperate, we can’t wait to get started. Around 95% of all Germans like to have a barbecue in summer, and almost 90% of them even have their own equipment. We at...

Wear: When do brake discs and pads need changing?

The brakes of a passenger car not only have to withstand extremely intense usage. The brake system and all its parts are also an important safety factor. And so perfectly functioning brakes are absolutely essential. Which is why they should be checked every time a car...

Brake calipers with electric park brakes – What to bear in mind during replacement

Our range of products has contained brake calipers right from the very beginning, and we’ve always appreciated the importance of these safety-relevant brake components. Brake calliper brackets are an essential part of the brake system and accommodate the brake pads....

Brake service: safety first!

Getting from 100 down to 0 needs to be quicker than going from 0 to 100! The brake system is extremely complex. Nowadays, ever more brake components need to be checked and tested in order to keep driving as safe as possible. Correct brake servicing is absolutely...

Insights into product management – First-to-Market

Insights into product management – First-to-Market When it is a question of First-to-Market (FtM), the first step is invariably our Research+Development department (R+D). To make sure we’re always able to offer the most common spare parts for brand-new vehicles right...