Head and working lights with patented snow melting technology

23. Jan 2023 | Technology + Products

In this tutorial, our workshop buddies show you how to use our innovative worklights and headlights with patented Snow Melt technology. Cold, wet, ice and snow – winter in particular places the highest demands on vehicles. Reliable vehicle lighting is a prerequisite for clear visibility, especially in the dark season. With these two headlamps, we now offer the right solution to get you safely through the winter. Both the worklight and the main headlight feature patented snow melting and icing technology. To ensure that the headlamps are optimally equipped for any work, they are highly resistant to shocks and vibrations. For this purpose, the main headlights and worklights have been tested in the most extreme conditions. The robust headlights are especially suitable for construction machines of all kinds, snow ploughs and tractors.
As you can see in the workshop buddies, it is easy to attach the main headlight to the vehicle. The holder for attaching the headlight can be mounted both at the rear and at the bottom of the headlight. The separately supplied indicator can be mounted on three sides of the headlight.
In order to prevent ice and snow on the headlights so that the illumination is not restricted, the lens of the light is heated. At a temperature of -25 degrees Celsius and with approximately five millimetres of ice on the lens, the temperature is raised to -18 degrees Celsius after one minute, to -1 degrees Celsius after five minutes and to 15 degrees Celsius after ten minutes. After one hour, the maximum temperature of 68 degrees Celsius is reached. This is how you can get through the winter without icing up!

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