Driver assistance systems (ADAS) in passenger cars

10. Dec 2023 | Technology + Products

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are now standard in many new vehicles. These are electronic components that cover a variety of safety functions in vehicles. As some assistance systems in the EU are already required by law, the number of repairs on vehicles with ADAS is also increasing.

From 7 April 2024, all newly registered vehicles weighing up to 3.5 tons must be equipped with certain ADAS systems. An intelligent cruise control system, a lane-holding assistant, an emergency braking assistant and a back-up alarm will be mandatory. This already poses a challenge for many independent workshops, as ADAS has to be recalibrated after a repair in order to function properly again.

What functions can ADAS cover and to what extent can they intervene?

ADAS systems should only support or warn the driver, i.e. the responsibility usually remains with the driver and is not assumed by the system. The systems are becoming ever more alert and precise. The aim is to compensate for human errors and thus increase safety while driving. They can intervene either autonomously or partially autonomously in the vehicle's drive, control or signal devices. In contrast to DAS (Driver-Assistance Systems), which only process data from inside the vehicle, ADAS also incorporates data from the surrounding area, with cruise control being a well-known example.

What needs to be considered when repairing ADAS systems?

Workshops are increasingly being confronted with repairs on vehicles equipped with ADAS systems. It is important to have suitable tools for interventions in a vehicle's ADAS systems. The function of the systems can only be maintained through professional repair. Calibration plays an important role, as incorrect or lack of calibration can lead to malfunctions and accidents. Examples of work on the vehicle requiring ADAS calibration include replacing the windscreen, chassis repairs, changing the tyre size, bodywork or mechanical work such as radiator and condenser repairs that require the removal of sensors.

The practical ADAS calibration tool from AUTEL

In cooperation with AUTEL, we offer the right tool to ensure that workshops can benefit from the advantages of ADAS repairs. Our practical calibration benches are available as required with a stationary or mobile frame and with or without axle measurement. The benefit: With their own ADAS calibration system, workshops can save time and money that they would otherwise have to spend on working with another workshop. The cycle time is also reduced and the workshop has full control over the repair.

You will definitely find the right calibration tool in our range. Here is a brief overview:

The all-in-one tool IA900WA

The IA900WA enables axle measurement and calibration of driver assistance systems in one step. Six high-resolution and self-calibrating cameras help the technician to perform simple, fast and precise optical measurements. When lifting the vehicle onto the lifting platform too, the cameras automatically follow the vehicle height and ensure that they never lose sight of the target. The IA900WA revolutionises the alignment of calibration benches, as the technicians no longer have to manually measure the distances.

The ADAS calibration system for the digital age: CSC0600 Basic Kit / Full Kit

The ADAS calibration system MaxiSys enables easy, fast and high-precision calibration of practically all driver assistance systems. ADAS software supports you throughout the calibration process with detailed step-by-step instructions and extensive image material. The advanced 3D camera technology offers the fastest, almost accurate and reliable calibration bench alignment currently available on the market. The optical alignment system expands the possibilities of your calibration system, saves a lot of time and increases productivity with absolute error minimisation.

The flexible ADAS calibration solution: The quick-change artist IA600

Our mobile solution: The easy-to-set calibration bench IA600 can be quickly folded together and disassembled for transport. This enables calibrations to be carried out at various locations. The IA600 offers precise calibration methods for almost all driver assistance systems. The detailed step-by-step instructions and laser-based fine adjustment enable the calibration bench to be aligned quickly and efficiently.