Measuring technology for all aspects of vehicles and commercial vehicles

26. Oct 2023 | Technology + Products

Who doesn't need them - the many small measuring devices for electronic troubleshooting. Our Elparts range offers a wide variety of products for workshops in this field, so everyone is sure to find the right solution. But why is measuring technology so important for workshops? On the one hand, the electronic components installed in vehicles are increasing constantly and the possible uses of measuring technology are therefore very diverse. On the other hand, there is increasing pressure on workshops to find and remedy faults in electronics quickly and reliably. Customers often expect to bring the vehicle back home from the workshop in perfect condition on the same day!

And this is where the following products come in and help workshops to meet the increasing expectations of their customers:


The multimeter - the classic in the field of workshop equipment

Our digital and extremely robust multimeter (article number: 95980775) measures electrical values such as voltages and frequencies. But it is also used for temperature measurements and, in combination with the temperature sensor (article number: 95980775001), can also achieve extremely precise measurements and check the function of an air conditioning system, for example. A further possible addition is the Claw 400 ampere pliers (article number: 95980785). As this does not have its own display, it can only be used in conjunction with our multimeter. The highlight: High currents of up to 400 amps can now be inductively measured, regardless of whether it's AC or DC.



Claw100 ampere pliers – the specialist for measurements in the low-current range

The Claw 100 (article number: 95980776) can carry out precise measurements in the low-current range. This includes, for example, closed current measurements where inductive measuring devices are not otherwise used.



TesTip - the quick way to troubleshooting

Another practical addition to our multimeter is the 94-part TesTip test lead set (article number: 95980778), for example. This makes it much easier to measure voltages through direct contact. Possible application areas include checking Hall sensors, determining plus or earth-controlled injectors, testing temperature sensors, sender units and throttle valve position sensors. Airbag circuits can also be checked using a measuring resistor. With our TesTip mini test lead set (article number: 95980708), other measuring tips can be purchased for even more precise work. One advantage here is that all adapters can be ordered individually.

A frequent problem when working on the vehicle is that the battery is usually installed at the rear, if a measurement is to be carried out in the front vehicle area, the test leads are usually too short. Our cable drum can help here (article number: 95980778032), which can be used to extend the test leads easily to a length of up to six metres.


Voltage detector - easy testing of electrical components

Our voltage detector can be used to activate and test various electrical components such as relays, lamps or electric motors by applying battery voltage or earth. The current consumption of the components is also shown. We have two different versions in the Elparts range here. With the voltage detector PlusMinus multi (article number: 95980781), faulty cylinders can be detected by inductive high voltage and frequency measurement without removing the spark plug connectors. The voltage detector (article number: 95980792) can measure signal frequencies and resistances and has an integrated temperature sensor in the tip. In addition, the voltage detector can be extended using TesTip test lead sets.

In short: Our range of measuring technology is reliable, fast and safe, enabling us to support workshops in a wide range of applications.