Diagnostics on demand – the innovative diagnostic solution

10. Jul 2020 | Technology + Products

Our DoD (diagnostics on demand) offers you a new dimension of vehicle diagnostics. With DoD, we start at the point where independent workshops often reach their limits. The problem of incomplete multi-brand diagnostic devices, having to purchase several devices, or relying on the help of contract workshops is therefore a thing of the past.

We discuss exactly what the device can do and how it works with the responsible product manager Alex Herb. Alex has been with us for more than twelve years and is an expert in vehicle tools and fault diagnosis.

Alex, what led the product DoD being offered, or who had the idea?

We saw time and time again that many workshops, particularly smaller workshops, have difficulty buying expensive diagnostic devices, as they are a major investment. What's more, although all multi-brand diagnostic devices can do a lot, they still have gaps. Our DoD diagnostic solution solves this problem and closes these gaps. This means that there is no need to buy a large number of different diagnostic devices and the high investment costs for these devices is also removed.

What can the DoD be used for?

The DoD can carry out diagnostics on demand. DoD offers demand-based diagnostic solutions. This means that the respective dealer or workshop can programme or code vehicle control units after replacement, for example. DoD can also help with retrofitting, e.g. for trailer couplings. Another important aspect is support with complex electronics faults.

What are the main advantages of DoD?

Our DoD is an innovative diagnostic solution to support independent workshops. For the first time, we offer them access to functions that would otherwise only be reserved for OE testers. This also means that workshops no longer have to use contracted workshops in the event of a complex fault. With DoD, independent workshops can do all work independently, thus saving time and money.

Diagnostics on demand is also an individual solution. Ultimately, our customers only pay for what they actually used. There is no need to purchase expensive hardware and there are also no fixed costs, such as update costs or hardware licences.

Diagnose on demand

What do I need to use DoD or what additional purchases are required?

In short, none - everything is included in most cases. DoD is a cloud-based app, meaning there is no need for local installation on workshop computers. This rules out compatibility problems with other programmes. All that is needed is a stable Internet connection via Wifi, an Android device and the Diagnostics on Demand VCI (Vehicle Communication Interface).

Can you explain exactly how DoD is used?

It’s really easy to use. First of all, the app has to be downloaded once in the Playstore. The OBD cable of the VCl is then connected to the vehicle and the app is opened. Now simply select the respective vehicle and the desired service, e.g. "Central electronics - Replacement" and request diagnosis. Our diagnostic specialists then carry out all the necessary programming work and adaptations. So the vehicle no longer needs to leave the workshop. This saves valuable time and money. Another benefit: The app has a chat function. Our customers can therefore also communicate directly with us. This is not just an electronic exchange - we can also support workshops with our know-how.


Alex Herb

Alex has now been working for Herth+Buss as a product manager for more than twelve years. He is an expert in automotive tools and supplies Herth+Buss with innovative articles in coordination with our sales department and in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

He is always there from the very beginning when it comes to launching a new product on the market, develops it down to the last detail and accompanies the process right up to the market launch. This also applies to the area of fault diagnosis!

Productmanager, Herth+Buss Fahrzeugteile GmbH & Co. KG