Duty calls – our AirGuard 4.0 TPMS saviour

08. Feb 2020 | Technology + Products

Since tyre pressure monitoring systems became compulsory for all new registrations in November 2014, changing tyres at garages has become a time-consuming task. Every time new tyres are fitted, all TPMS sensors must be serviced and taught in again. Workshops not only deal with replacing the tyre pressure sensors, but also programming and teaching-in on each vehicle in their daily routine. We have of course been a constant companion to independent workshops handling TPMS for many years now. You now ask yourself why we’re reporting about this again? Then listen up as we've brought out a new generation of our TPMS systems: the AirGuard 4.0!

As you probably know, we launched the AirGuard 3.0 tyre pressure monitoring system in 2013. We deliberately positioned it among existing devices as a low-cost option – without making any compromises. A cost-effective TPMS solution for everyone! If you missed our blog post on the AirGuard 3.0: AirGuard the “guardian of the air” – A new Marvel comic?

The TPMS market has now developed further, and the technology as well. And who can keep up here, if not us?

Our new AirGuard 4.0 tyre pressure monitoring system admittedly has nothing to do with Bruce Willis and the legendary action film "Die Hard", but I’m a big fan and to me there seems to be a number of parallels here. If we were now writing a script about our TPMS, we'd have a baddie, as in any good film, who wants to take control: TPMS. Tyre pressure monitoring systems steal lots of time from everyone who's not prepared. The heroes going down in history here are the garages equipped with our AirGuard 4.0. Tough characters with specialist knowledge and determined to be perfectly prepared for TPMS. Explosions and special effects are of course also in store from our AirGuard 4.0 (Art. No.: 95990021): new, breathtaking and explosive functions that make sure problems with TPMS can be solved.

News from AirGuard

Here's the first new feature of our AirGuard 4.0 tyre pressure monitoring system: The OBD-II teaching functions that were otherwise only available via the AirGuard 3.0's additional adapter are already incorporated in the device. The AirGuard 4.0 can therefore do battle against TPMS without any further help. Another plus: The AirGuard 4.0 is equipped with a built-in tread depth gauge and a camera. With the camera it's of course up to you whether to snap a hero or if you'd rather photograph the numberplate or take pictures of damage to the vehicle, for example. Identifying the VIN is also possible with the AirGuard 4.0. In addition, the AirGuard 4.0 display is now a whole inch bigger than on the AirGuard 3.0, and in colour as well! Another benefit: The memory is ten times the size of the one on the AirGuard 3.0! The AirGuard 4.0 can also be directly charged from a USB port, i.e. using your vehicle's cigarette lighter.

Last but not least, our AirGuard 4.0 is both WiFi and Bluetooth®-capable. This makes it easy to download software updates via WiFi® or a cable.

Das ist euch noch nicht genug?

That's not enough for you? Then you'll need our optional OBD-II Bluetooth module (Art. No.: 95990022). It lets you read out and delete fault memories (DTCs).

Something we're keeping is our free updates. You can download them here. Sometimes the world needs someone you can rely on. Just like Bruce Willis.

Smiles, equipped with our AirGuard 4.0, you can solve any problem!