Dr. CrankPrint – This tester not only checks the state of health

10. Jan 2020 | Technology + Products

Days are getting shorter and temperatures falling ever further. Winter has now arrived in Germany. And you don't just notice it when you're leaving the cosy seat heating in your car. Many batteries also start flagging in this weather. And it's this very situation we have in mind for our CrankPrint (95972081) from our Elparts range.

What can the tester be used for and which batteries can it test?

Our CrankPrint device is designed to test starter batteries and check the starting and charging system in motor vehicles. Thanks to the advanced conductivity measurement method, the cold-start performance and/or the state of health (starting capability) of a starter battery can be determined precisely, reliably and safely. This tester also assists technicians in the workshop, making troubleshooting both quicker and easier for them.

It's suitable for all automotive starter batteries (AGM, spiral, flat plate, gel, EFB and conventional wet-cell batteries). The CrankPrint features the "Customer number" function among others. If this function is enabled, you can enter the customer number before printing out your test report. You can either save the report for use later on or print it out directly with the integrated thermal printer. Incidentally, you can also have the name of your company printed on the report.


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Other functions of CrankPrint

  • ­Immediate detection of defective battery cells
  • Automatic temperature compensation
  • Reverse polarity protection, protection for device and battery
  • The most common test standards are stored in the device.
  • Multilingual menu navigation
  • Handy extra functions, e.g. integrated voltmeter, thermometer and ECU memory retention function
  • Stores the last 100 test results for future reference or printout.
  • With starter test (measures voltage drop when starting)
  • With alternator test (tests charging voltage and rectifier diodes)

3 tips for test preparation

  • To reduce contact resistance, clean the battery terminals thoroughly with a steel wire brush and, if necessary with an alkaline cleaning agent before connecting the battery pliers.
  • Check that the ignition and all electrical consumers on the vehicle are switched off and all doors are closed. Give the control units enough time to shut down so you don't get incorrect measurement results.
  • If need be, move the battery pliers to and fro a bit to make sure they are positioned properly, so guaranteeing optimum contact/connection.

Example of a possible test result



SOH (State of Health) – indicates the battery's "state of health".
SOC (State of Charge) – indicates the battery's charge.
12.20 V – Battery voltage
440A – Cold-start performance
R – Resistance
16.89MΩ – Internal resistance

BATT OK, LADEN – The battery is OK, but the starting current is very low. This means that the battery does not need to be replaced, just charged.

If you'd like to learn more about our CrankPrint tester and are also interested in how our in-house training course went, take a look at our article!

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