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Peter Thilthorpe

Hello, my name is Pete – or just PT for short. I've been working at the company since 2014. At first, I worked in the Research+Development office. After a little over two years, however, I switched to the Field Service, where I work in the Workshop Field Service Team. Before I started working here, I completed an apprenticeship as a Vehicle Mechanic. After this, I worked for a while in the company where I did my apprenticeship, followed by an independent workshop. My great passion for cars and the fact that I speak fluent English got me where I am today in my career. I love being out in the field with our customers and presenting our products. The challenge of facing something new every day and that each day is different from the last is really the icing on the cake! It's this fact that keeps my job from becoming boring. I travel throughout Germany and also accompany our major clients' local field service staff to their customers/workshops in order to present our product portfolio. However, I only have products from our Elparts range in the vehicle with me. I also often travel with my colleagues to exhibitions and in-house trade fairs. And in the unlikely event that one of our customers is unhappy with our products, one of my colleagues or I will pay them a visit and try to offer our assistance. In my free time, I enjoy being close to my family. I'm also active in the company's carnival club, both on the stage and behind the scenes. As if all of that wasn't enough to keep me busy, then I also dedicate myself to my other hobbies: cars, tinkering, repairing, losing my temper and then taking pride in the finished result. Maybe we'll bump into each other at a trade fair or even on the motorway – with over 80,000 km a year under my belt, perhaps the chance of this happening isn't so slim after all! Just keep an eye out for the red-and-white bus with the sumo wrestler and the two dogs on the side. Until then! PT.