5 things I can’t do without – the 90942242 crimping pliers

03. Sep 2019 | Technology + Products

Everyone is familiar with this, whether it's your favourite ballpoint pen or favourite cordless screwdriver. Favourite tools are found in every branch, in open-plan offices or on building sites. And things are no different for our Werkstatt-Buddies Pete and Jens. In our September series, these two experts present 5 things they really can’t do without in a well-equipped workshop! On today's agenda: crimping pliers!

Crimping like a maestro

You unfortunately can't deal with all the crimp connectors on the market with a single pair of pliers. One reason why errors occur time and again when crimping is very often not having the right pliers at your disposal and then making do. So prompting us to start our series with the 90942242 universal crimping pliers. I constantly hear people at the workshop saying: “I don’t like electrics”. And every time I think: It really doesn’t have to be this way. After all, at Herth+Buss we want to help workshops deal with electrics. That's also one of the reasons I always recommend our universal crimping pliers – a true all-rounder.

Why choose the 90942242 crimping pliers?

Whether you're a pro or novice, these crimping pliers feel great in your hand. This model allows you to crimp in a range of 0.13 – 2.5 mm². Meaning we cover the most common sizes – but crimping in the smallest size segment is also possible at the same time, and with maximum precision. This is of course made easier by the laser-cut head, that's then used to achieve optimum B-crimping. Whether a novice or workshop expert, you can be sure you've created a proper connection. Not to mention superb performance and a first-rate price-quality ratio.

These crimping pliers are actually pretty narrow. A slimline design that's perfect for working in awkward spots. It doesn't always have to be high-end to achieve a perfect result. It of course always depends on your core business. With our 90942242 crimping pliers you've got the perfect all-rounder for crimping.

I hope I've shown you in this article why our crimping plier is essential for me. If you've got any questions about the product, don't hesitate to contact us.

Back soon!
Yours, Pete