5 things I can’t do without – the 95980802 Reanimator

29. Sep 2019 | Technology + Products

Today it's power that's needed! Over the past few weeks we've presented you with a number of items that no workshop should be without. The month is now coming to an end and we've already arrived at our last article.

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Before becoming starry-eyed here, we'd better get to the point. Today our list of essential workshop aids includes the Reanimator Hybrid!

An Reanimator like any other?

Absolutely not! Until now most people have heard of the traditional 12V battery boosters. But our Reanimator Hybrid (95980802) is more than just a simple booster. Equipped with a leak-proof AGM high-performance battery and supercaps (aka as ultracapacitors), this mighty power pack offers an inrush current of 1350 A and a peak current of 3850 A. And things sometimes simply need to happen fast, don't they?

These capacitors deliver the necessary power while also absorbing the main loads. This way they not only protect the battery, but also have a positive impact on its service life. The Reanimator battery means that starting is possible even when the battery has been removed or is defective. With so much power, your vehicle is good to go again in next to no time. And with such performance, you'd think this tool would have a pretty heavy fighting weight. Not at all, as the booster weighs in at just 11.7 kg, so ensuring versatile usage at the workshop.

Which vehicles is the booster suitable for?

The Reanimator Hybrid offers the second-largest application area from our product range. It can start any vehicle from a Smart to a small truck.

What else can the Reanimator do?

The tool comes with a cable length of 800 mm featuring a cross section of 25 mm2. Why is that relevant? The power has to be able to get through! Besides the cable length and cross section, we should also mention that the battery charger pliers are angled. This makes it even easier to access the battery terminals in the engine bay. So not only saving time, but also money. In addition, the on/off switch prevents short circuits and the acoustic reverse polarity warning also helps you with your everyday work! As high power levels are involved here, please pay attention to safety and follow the instructions in our manual.


The Reanimator Hybrid is a true all-rounder, and I hope I've now managed to communicate what a fantastic tool this is to you.

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Back soon!
Yours, Pete