Creating a professional Superseal plug-in connection [application]

04. Apr 2022 | Videos EN

00:000:06 Introduction
00:0700:32 What is Superseal?
00:3301:59 Selecting the right crimping tool
02:0003:26 Assembly
03:2704:21 Disassembly
04:2205:32 Crimping with the CrimPro30 and the universal pliers
05:3306:08 Superseal assortments
06:0906:21 Plug housing sets
06:2206:52 Conclusion

With Superseal, you can quickly and easily create a watertight plug-in connection. Our Superseal range complies with protection class IP67 and is therefore not only protected against dust but also from temporary immersion in water. We offer Superseal in two assortments. The small Superseal assortment (Art.-No.: 54290050) comprises 314 parts and contains 1- to 4-pole Superseal plug-in housings. The Superseal assortment (Art.-No.: 54290150) is somewhat larger with 580 parts and contains 1 to 6-pole plug-in housings. In both assortments, you will find the matching sealing and protective plugs in addition to the Superseal crimp connectors and plug-in housings. So, you are well equipped to make perfect Superseal plug-in connections!
For professional Superseal assembly, it is best to use our CrimPro 10 (Art.-No.: 95942330/ -331) or CrimPro 30 (Art.-No.: 95942164/ -166) crimping pliers. Of course, you can also use universal pliers (e.g. Art.-No.: 90942242) for Superseal assembly, but with the two crimping pliers mentioned you are safe from user errors. This way, there is no risk of an imprecise and unprofessional crimping of a contact with your Superseal connectors.
The first step in Superseal mounting is to strip the insulation from the vehicle cable. For this we recommend our stripping pliers Stripper (Art.-No.: 95942299). During installation, make sure that the cable, socket contact and seal are positioned correctly. This is the only way to make a properly watertight connection.
If you want to undo such a watertight plug-in connection and dismantle Superseal, you need a release tool (Art.-No.: 95945376/ -398). You can find such a tool in our online catalogue in the “”Accessories”” tab of the Superseal assortment.
As you can see, with the right tool and the right technique, Superseal connectors can be created quickly, easily and precisely!
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