Quickly repair the thread of a stripped oil drain plug [Repair Kit Oil Drain Plug Thread]

07. Jul 2021 | Videos EN

The thread of the oil drain plug is stripped and you want to avoid removing the entire oil pan? We have the solution! In this tutorial, we will show you how to quickly and easily fix the thread of an oil drain plug. Aluminum, a very light and relatively soft material, is often used in both engine and transmission components. This makes these components very susceptible to thread damage. The threads in oil drain holes are very often stripped or even destroyed by overtightening but also by frequent screwing and unscrewing of the oil drain plugs.
A very costly replacement of the oil pan or the gearbox housing is then the consequence. With our thread repair kit for oil drain plugs, you can simply drill out the stripped thread to the next bigger thread size so that the oil drain plug fits tightly and seals again. The matching oil drain plugs and sealing rings are also included in our oil drain plug repair kit.
We have 4 different repair kits for oil drain plugs in our Elparts range, so that you are prepared for every application. You can easily check the different thread dimensions in our online catalogue. The most comprehensive range to date contains 6 different thread sizes, 36 screws, 72 sealing rings and of course the matching taps.

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