Robust coiled cables [meet highest quality requirements]

17. Mar 2023 | Videos EN

Today our workshop buddies introduce you to our wide range of coiled cables.

As safety-relevant connecting elements on trucks or trailers, electro coils are exposed to various weather conditions. The various influences place high demands on the coiled cables. They must therefore be robust and reliable. We offer a wide range of coiled cables for commercial vehicles, which convince with a variety of practical features.

Our electro coils comply with the OE specifications of the respective vehicle manufacturers. Due to their compact and tight windings, tangling of the coils is prevented. Furthermore, our truck electro coils are characterized by their long service life due to their high resistance to heat, light and chemicals. The electrocoils were manufactured based on the standards of current vehicles and have a high restoring force. They also feature flexible bend protection.

Our truck coiled cables are available in two different styles: either molded plug or screwed plug. Each of these plug types has advantages and disadvantages. The molded plugs are less expensive, but the head of the truck electric coil cannot be replaced. If the plug breaks off, the electrocoil must be replaced in its entirety. The screwed plugs are more expensive, but the head of the truck electric coil can be easily replaced. If the plug breaks off, it can be replaced. The big advantage is that the electric coil does not have to be replaced in its entirety.

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