Cardata@once – a functional industry solution

29. Jul 2019 | Industry + More

Last year, we reported on our collaboration with Carmunication. Now there is news about our cooperation with the non-profit association: cardata@once.

Carmunication’s commitment and our collaboration with the association gave rise to the idea of our own tool some time ago. This should help us in the future, among other things, with developing our own range. As a result, we will continue to be able to offer precisely those parts that are in high demand in the markets.

We will also become more detailed in the development process, as we receive information on parts that frequently fail directly from the vehicles. This enables us to support our customers even more effectively in their range design and competitive position. This is our idea, and we now need to make this idea a success.

How does the process currently look when it comes to range development?

As a Product or Research & Development Manager, we ask ourselves every day which parts are required in our range – currently and in the future. To answer this question, we are currently using various sources of information. We analyse our competitor’s programmes, elaborate the relevant parts for new vehicles using the vehicle manufacturers’ electronic parts catalogues, go through the DAT report, check changes to vehicle series equipment, etc. The final step, of course, is to consider the number of registered vehicles in which a potential, new part could be installed.

Setting the right priorities for the addition of new parts

Prioritisation simply according to the number of registered vehicles can quickly become a problem. This can be clearly explained by way of an example.


Here in the picture, we can see an assessment made by DVSE. It shows a ranking of vehicle models, not according to the number of vehicles registered, but rather the number of clicks in the DVSE catalogues. Here it becomes clear that the vehicles with the highest number of registrations are not always the models with the greatest potential.

For example, the catalogues are searched more frequently for a washing water pump for the BMW than one for the VW Polo 9N – despite there being fewer vehicle registrations. Therefore, to be able to prioritise in line with the market, we should not just concentrate on key figures such as vehicle registrations. But how can we identify the true demand from the markets in a targeted and focused manner? We need to ask ourselves this question, particularly when it comes to the future. In future it is expected that more and more parts will be networked and will tell us themselves when they are worn and need to be replaced.

The solution is called cardata@once

The data generated by connected cars and made useful by Carmunication provides important information and therefore answers the following questions:

  • Which parts in which models often/regularly fail?
  • Which assistance systems are installed and which of the sensors often fail?
  • What optimisation potential do OE parts have?
  • Is information used for technical tips + tricks and installation instructions?

At the end of the day, we can use Cardata@once to evaluate which parts or product groups are currently important. It will be important for our own assortment in the future in a targeted manner. We can respond much more quickly and precisely to market requirements. In doing so, we not only strengthen the retail market and the end consumer, but also protect the IAM (independent aftermarket).


A solution for storing large data volumes, analysing this data and providing the information that our customers need.


The challenge is to start developing a solution without having a final description of the basic data and therefore not knowing what additional requirements might arise.


The solution is Cardata@once, a web-based application that makes it possible to access the data worldwide and using any device. This was developed in cooperation with the company Segmeno. Thanks to the latest technology for visualisation and data memory, we are able to grow our business and respond to market developments in real time.

A recommendation

To make use of the opportunities offered by both current and future data for connected vehicles, it is important to take a close look at this topic right from the start.

As a full member of the non-profit association Carmunication, we are committed to the principle of fair competition. The aim here is to give companies in Europe free access to vehicle data. With the association’s help we want to actively prevent the threat of data monopolisation. So we can ensure fair competition and free access to the market.

If you too want to help prevent data monopolies in the business with Auto Live data, join our non-profit association! This gives you the opportunity to do your bit for ensuring free access to data. Members of the association above all benefit from Carmunication’s extensive network and the exchange of knowledge on this topic. Whether you’re a car dealer, a manufacturer/supplier/distributor of automotive parts, a fleet operator, a society, a tyre manufacturer, a consumer or an associate member: You can log in here.