WERKSTATT DES VERTRAUENS – a seal of approval for vehicle workshops

10. Sep 2019 | Industry + More

Customer satisfaction is the central benchmark that independent workshops use when gauging their work and success. But workshop reviews often only represent a snapshot characterising earlier assessments. Specialist work is frequently performed once according to a specified service catalogue, with implementation being assessed and evaluated by inspectors. This means that only the current workshop service is identified here. A slightly different but first-class scheme has been run for years by the Mister A.T.Z. initiative: “WERKSTATT DES VERTRAUENS” or WORKSHOP OF TRUST.

Eligible to enter is every independent owner-operated workshop in the three categories of vehicle mechanics, vehicle paintwork and body, as well as new and used car dealerships. The only requirement is for them to be officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce and have at least one master car mechanic (“Meister”) on their staff. These quality criteria are verified and ensured beforehand. 

Genuine ratings from genuine customers

The scheme's special feature is that it is drivers who assess the workshop. And not just after a single visit, but over a longer period of time, during the course of their relationship with the garage. How does the customer experience and assess the repair work they have done? How comprehensive is the service that the workshop offers?

The scheme takes place every year from April to October. Afterwards, all valid voting cards are sorted and allocated to each workshop and the questions evaluated. By the end of the campaign, every workshop must have collected a minimum number of satisfied drivers and shouldn't fall short of the overall rating of three out of five stars on average. The minimum number depends on the size of the workshop, but at all events this is 50 customer votes or more per year. Once a workshop has attained the necessary number of votes, it is allowed to display the seal of approval for a year and advertise its services with this tribute from satisfied customers.

We are a sponsor of the WERKSTATT DES VERTRAUENS campaign

Herth+Buss also supports this scheme, which has now been running successfully for over ten years. By involving the most important partner of any workshop - the customer - this scheme is helping to strengthen the image of Germany's independent workshops.

The quality seal of Mister A.T.Z. and Vienna-based publisher A&W Verlag was established in Austria in 2018. Over 150 companies already applied to take part in the first year. For us too it was clear from the outset that we'd be supporting the WERKSTATT DES VERTRAUENS campaign in Austria and we got involved from the very start.

How to apply for the quality seal:

It's simple: either via the WERKSTATT DES VERTRAUENS website, by calling: +492330-918325 or by e-mail: info@werkstattdesvertrauens.de. Here every company can order the right quality seal start pack and begin collecting customer votes to qualify for the award. The start pack contains 300 printed voting cards, a number of digital voting options and many other materials to obtain votes from drivers.