Current value-based repair and what clutch parts have to do with this

08. Aug 2019 | Technology + Products

Over time, the value of vehicles decreases considerably. It doesn’t initially matter here whether the car has had an accident or not. High-quality spare parts (also clutch parts) from third-party suppliers enable cheaper repairs. It’s worth talking to an independent workshop you trust, especially for vehicles that have done quite a few kilometres.

What is current value-based repair?

As the name suggests, they are repairs that are carried out in terms of the age, condition and previous mileage of the vehicle.

It is usually worth disregarding genuine parts here and keeping to third-party suppliers. This involves either reconditioned second-hand or ident parts. Ident parts are components that don't differ from the genuine part, either in terms of function or design. The only difference is that it's not the manufacturer's name on the part, but the vehicle component supplier's.



Often the entire harness has to be replaced in the event of a cable breakage. In many cases this can quickly become very expensive! With our RepCab or RepCon family we offer further current value-based repair. The defective cables are cut out and replaced with the repair cable set.

Another cost factor here is the choice of workshop. To save further costs, you can find out about independent workshops in your local area. They're often not only far cheaper than contracted workshops, but frequently offer even greater professional expertise. This is due to the many different car brands that are handled by the independent workshops on a daily basis.


Clutch parts

With our conversion kit, some cars with dual-mass flywheels can be converted to a single-mass one. For current value clutch repairs, we offer conversion kits for the following models, among others:

  • Nissan Navara, Pathfinder and Qashqai
  • Toyota Avensis, Corolla, RAV 4 and Fun Cruiser
  • Mitsubishi Galant.


Replacing the clutch on a single-mass flywheel results in a considerable reduction in costs compared to a dual-mass flywheel. This is because production is cheaper and the parts are largely wear-resistant. The damping system that is absent in relation to a dual-mass flywheel is offset with a modified pressure plate. Despite the reduction in flywheels, there is no loss of comfort here. Our customary high standards apply to all components in our conversion kit: the clutch pressure plate, the clutch disc, the clutch releaser and the single-mass flywheel. All service exchange parts will be a perfect fit and an ideal replacement for the original components.

When it comes to current value-based repair, our clutch parts are not the only alternatives we offer. Our ranges contain many other OE ident parts, such as steering components, filters, brakes, RepCabs and a whole lot more! Read about the role our RepSolutions play here.