Our new Velcro Tape – a true all-rounder!

29. Oct 2019 | Technology + Products

The new velcro tape is a locking system that works according to the push-button principle. Optimum adhesion is achieved as soon as it engages. The heads slide on top of each other until they are anchored into one another by pressure. The velcro tapes can be connected to one another in both longitudinal and transverse direction as required. It is important to know that it can be locked with itself, making it a “one-band locking system”. The locking process is clearly audible.

The new velcro tape with article number 50260525 avoids the known disadvantages of conventional fastening systems: No laborious work with screws or rivets and no visible holes that impair the visual appearance of a surface.


  •  Vibration-resistant connection: The pressure lock is a permanent mechanical fastening which does not come loose even when subjected to sustained vibration movement.
  • Tolerance bridging: This fastening system enables any tolerances to be bridged.

In addition to the high immediate adhesion, the adhesive used on the velcro tape also offers good adhesive strength on almost any substrate. Materials that can be glued include: Many plastics and plastic films, metal, wood, stone, ceramic, glass and painted parts.

IMPORTANT: Clean the surface thoroughly (grease-free) before attaching. The adhesion is load-bearing after 30 minutes at the earliest, but it is advisable to leave it to set for at least 2 hours before applying load.

This velcro tape is a controllable, externally invisible connection for releasable fastening (up to 250 cycles) of panelling, covers, components etc., which are to be quickly and easily detached and re-fastened for replacement during assembly, maintenance or repairs.

Indoor and outdoor applications:

  • Panelling
  • Covers
  • Mounting in mobile homes
  • Automotive sector (holds even in hot weather in the car)
  • Household
  • Appliances, toys and furniture industry
  • Machinery and apparatus engineering
  • Promotional and decorative areas

We also offer an SB version of our velcro tape: 50260525066

“Hello Jens,
We mounted the velcro tape on PT’s vehicle. It holds well and can be easily pulled apart again too. The adhesive tape is extremely stable and makes a positive impression.

We’re currently carrying out the endurance test on PT’s bus as it’s installed externally.

Kind regards,



Comment from a member of the Herth+Buss workshop advisory board: