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Jens Heun

Hi, "I'm Jens from Herth+Buss". I started in Product Management at Herth+Buss 15 years ago, where I was responsible for the Installation and Tools product groups. In this role, I was able to build up a vast knowledge of our products. In combination with my background as a Vehicle Mechanic and my further training in the master school and as a Technical Business Manager, this allowed me to switch to Sales, where I set up the Technical Field Service nearly 12 years ago. I was alone to begin with, but now there are four of us making up the Workshop Field Service Team. My three colleagues visit workshops in coordination with our customers, where they then present our products. For five years now, I've been responsible for Herth+Buss training courses in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. We form part of the wider Sales Support Team. This is where "our girls" sit and schedule appointments, process our customers' queries and assist us all in whatever way they can. One of my other fields of activity is helping to design our catalogues, making YouTube clips, conducting interviews and assisting with presentations at trade fairs. This job is very comprehensive and therefore leaves very little time for hobbies. But if your job is something that brings you pleasure, then I don't think that matters too much. Another of my hobbies is taking part in carnival season here in Germany, where I act as a chairman. I'm supported in everything I do by my lovely wife Renate, who organises everything I don't have time to do myself and who also keeps the family together. I am extremely proud of my three children and my grandson Jeppe. It's great fun working in the team at Herth+Buss, as is having contact with customers and workshops, where you always learn something new, are happy if you can help and can also keep your body and brain occupied. That's goodbye for now from Jens at Herth+Buss!
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