5 things I can’t do without – Flash CS120 95950005 battery charger

22. Sep 2019 | Technology + Products

This month our Werkstatt-Buddies Pete and Jens are presenting 5 things which they think are workshop must-haves. In our last blog post, Pete introduced the crimping pliers to us; if you’ve missed that post, you can find it here. Today I will explain why I absolutely cannot do without the Flash CS120 battery charger in the workshop. Hopefully afterwards you will be just as impressed by our battery charger as I am!

Always charged

In our current world, electronics are increasingly making their way into vehicles – which makes a charger a very important workshop tool. Even reading out the error memory or carrying out diagnostic work now requires so much electricity that a fully charged vehicle battery can be drained in just a couple of minutes. Likewise, software installation can now take several hours, so in these situations, sufficient battery power is critical. To prevent significant damage to the battery or the on-board electronics in general, I always use an external power supply via a battery charger. The charger which has especially “lit a spark” in me is the Flash CS120 from our Elparts range. 

The most powerful battery charger from the Flash series to date

Our Flash CS120 battery charger is one of the most powerful battery chargers on the market. If you consider that just flashing or coding a mid-range vehicle can consume up to 70 amperes, it’s not particularly useful if the specified power isn’t maintained for the entire period. Especially bearing in mind that installing a new piece of software could take several hours. With our Flash CS120, the specified output of 120 amperes is available even after hours of continuous use.

Its robust steel sheet housing allows it to be installed horizontally, vertically or even bolted in place. The cable length of 6 metres and the cable cross-section of 25 mm² are also suitable for the tough day-to-day work in a workshop. Another special feature are the rubber-coated and fully insulated charging clips, which guarantee optimum working conditions. The 45° angled heads and easy operation by means of 5 buttons make working in the workshop easier for me as well.

I can’t even imagine what professional work would be like without this very high-quality charger.That’s why I would recommend the Flash CS120 for every workshop – you’ll be in safe hands when it comes to future energy requirements. I hope that I’ve been able to convince you of one of my favourite workshop tools with this blog post, and that you’re now just as impressed with our Flash CS120 as I am!

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