Integration of the VCI into a Wifi network – Diagnose on Demand (DoD 2.0) (Quick start instructions)

10. Feb 2021 | Videos EN

1. Connect the VCI to the OBD socket on the vehicle.
2. After a few seconds, the orange LED on the Ethernet port lights up.
3. The green LED flashes slowly (approx. every second).
4. The Wifi module of the VCI is now online and ready for connection to the network.
5. Open the Wifi settings on your computer or smartphone.
6. Search for the VCI (“Connector” + serial number),
7. select it and click Connect.
8. Open a web browser and enter in the address bar.
9. A password entry window opens.
10. Enter the password for your Wifi network.
11. The green LED now flashes quickly (every 300 ms).
12. The connection to the Wifi network is established.
13. The flashing frequency of the green LED becomes faster (every 100 ms).
14. Means that the connection was successful and the connection to the DoD server is now established.
15. Both LEDs are permanently lit.
16. The VCI is connected to the server and you can use the DoD service.