Getting through the winter safely – Are you prepared?

02. Nov 2017 | Industry + More

There are supposedly drivers who get caught out by the first frost year after year. Yet you can’t really go too far wrong if you stick to the motto “From October to Easter”: there are a few more preparations to make alongside fitting winter tyres in October!

A clear view through the winter

A little peephole in the ice on a frozen windscreen isn’t enough to let you drive safely. That’s why it’s essential to have a scraper and a hand brush in your boot or glove box as an absolute minimum. After all, cars and their windows should be completely free of snow and ice before driving off. A chamois or a sponge shouldn’t be lacking either, as the windscreen can steam up very quickly on the inside as well.

Wiper blades that are frozen to the screen must be loosened with care so as not to damage the delicate rubber lip. The use of special defrosting sprays may come in useful in this situation. In addition, it’s always advisable to have door lock de-icer close at hand. This will quickly clear the accumulation of ice. And also significantly reduce the time you have to wait before you’re finally able to get in and switch the heating on.

The anti-icing trick

Using cardboard panels in sub-zero temperatures has long been a well-known trick. These can prevent the windscreen from icing over when placed on top and clamped in place using the wipers. Both side mirrors also need to be clear to enable the driver to see other road users. What’s more, headlights, indicators, reversing lights and license plates must also be clear of snow, ice and typical winter dirt.

What you should also keep in the garage

Radiator antifreeze and an antifreeze agent for the windscreen washer system are also must-haves for the garage. Both the radiator antifreeze and the washer-system antifreeze should be checked before the onset of cold weather. Accessories to help the vehicle’s occupants stave off the cold are equally important as antifreeze for the vehicle itself, if not more so. Even if help is usually on the way within a few minutes, a blanket and gloves can make the waiting time infinitely more bearable in sub-zero temperatures. And anyone who’s ever tried to change a flat tyre with ice-cold hands will surely have learned their lesson. Now they make sure to keep gloves in the car at all times from then on.

Breakdown-free thanks to Herth+Buss

You should always have the battery’s state of charge checked before the onset of winter if you want to minimise the risk of the car failing to start first thing in the morning. The cold temperatures and darkness in winter require considerably more power than in summer. It’s no coincidence that the General German Automobile Club regularly lists faulty batteries right at the very top of its winter breakdown statistics. For this reason, drivers would also do well to keep a jumper cable on board at all times for emergencies. You can find the appropriate jumper cable or battery charger in our Elparts product range. We also have the ideal solution for the event that a vehicle breakdown can’t be avoided. The Elparts range contains an extremely handy LED warning light (80690034). It provides reliable protection in the event of breakdowns and accidents.

Any drivers who live in mountainous regions should also not be without the appropriate snow chains.

Thanks to these simple tricks, there will be nothing to hinder your journey through the winter.
We wish you safe travels!